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Pregnancy after an HSG test
Hi all,  It has been 1 year and 2 months since my last pregnancy that ended in miscarriage.  I have not been able to get pregnant since.  My doctor has started an infertility work up on me.  Got my progesterone tested which was normal.  I just has an HSG done 2 days ago.  At first the dye only spilled out of my right fallopian tube and the left was not visible, however after adding more dye, the left showed up and spilled out.  The doctor said that this may suggest that I may have had some blockage but that the dye cleared it up.  My question is: Has anyone experienced or know of any pregnancies after having this test done?  My doctor told me that this test's purpose is to see if there are blocked tubes but the benefits are that it cleanses you out, so to speak.  If there is any debris or thick mucus, it clears it all up, therefore increasing the chances of pregnancy for a couple of months.  Just wondering if that has happened to anyone and please share your experieince.
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