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Still searching for answers :(
Hello everyone...just miscarried baby #6 on 2/17/11 had my first cerclage put in place at 13 weeks, was on 17p shots for 1 week as well as promitrium vaginal gel caps., Metrogel to prevent infections, as well as a ton of natural vitamins that my genetic dr suggested I take, I was also on 3 colace a day! This time I felt I did everything possible. Yet my waterbag ruptured at 18wks :(  baby #5 miscarried at 16 wks due to waterbag again, baby # 4 miscarried at 22 wks again waterbag! Baby # 3 at 20wks after going into labor :(   Baby # 2 delivered at 24 wks he survived for 3 wks then passed of complications to his lil heart... Baby # 1 was delivered at 27 wks she also passed due to lung prematurity...
My first three were live births my last three were miscarriages after waterbag rupture. Any advice?? I'm desperate but very scared to try again I'm 32 yrs.. Yet no babies to adore!!

Btw: at once had 15 fibroids, had a myomectumy removing 14 of them...please help with ANY advice! Ty
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