TTC after MC
On September 13 I took a hpt which was positive, September 14 I spotted lightly , September 15 it got heavier and I went to the Er. September 18 miscarriage was confirmed. September 24 hcg was back down below 5. (Note: The last time I had sex before the positive Hpt was Aug 10, so I had to be over 5 Weeks when I MC. Drs said they couldn't tell because I had already miscarried and my levels had dropped)

But anyways, on to my question... I have always had very irregular periods and I researched how long it should take for AF to come and I learned that it should come between 4 and 7 Weeks after MC, so that would be between Oct 12 (which has already passed) and Nov 2. I am very eager to get pregnant again because this is something I have wanted for a very long time, so I was thinking about taking another HPT, but I'm not sure if it would be accurate yet? Does anyone have any advice for me on trying to conceive after MC with irregular cycles?
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