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need help...luteal phase defect question???
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need help...luteal phase defect question???

Hey Ladies. Ok so, ive been charting for the past two months. March to April cycle was 32days. April to May cycle 28days. However for both months my luteal phase only seem to be 9days. So i have 3 questions..............

1) Does 9day luteal phase classify me as having a defect?
2)Do you count the days from ovulation to the day you starting spotting or full flow?
3) Any suggestions on how i can naturally lengthen my luteal phase?

BTW- I've been on Vitex since mid March.

Any feedback, input, sugesstions would be greatly appreciated.
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The normal luteal phase range (from ovulation to full flow) is anywhere from 10-16 days. If your luteal phase is consistently below 10, then you may have a luteal phase defect, which means implantation cannot happen (there is not enough time between ovulation and your period to allow your uterine lining to thicken).

You indicated that you've tracked a luteal phase of 9 days for just the past 2 months, so if you continue to track and find you consistently have a luteal phase of 10+ days, the 9 days may have been a fluke and there is no defect. If there is a defect, often progesterone is prescribed to lengthen the luteal phase and assist in thickening your uterine lining to allow for implantation. I'm not familiar with Vitex or how that may affect your luteal phase.

Hope this helps!
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