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Daily eating schedule
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Daily eating schedule

My little man is now 6 months.  Not quite sure how much he should be eating.  He is pretty chunky...21 lbs.  THis is what his schedule looks like.  Does this look about right?

7 am - 7 oz bottle
10 am - stage 2 container of fruit and oatmeal (enough oatmeal to mix with 1.5 oz of formula..its pretty thick)
11 am - 6 oz bottle
2 pm - 6 oz bottle
5 pm - 6 oz bottle
6:15 pm - stage two container of veggies and oatmeal
8 pm - 6 oz bottle

He sleeps from 8:15 pm to about 6:30 am.

Is he eating too much?  Should I start meats?  Should I increase his formula and lesson his food?  Feeding is one thing I am totally in the dark about.  I tried to get him to try a sippy cup...not ready...it comes out too fast.  Which reminds me....should I switch to fast flow nipples now to get him used to a faster flow like a sippy cup?  Thanks for your advice.
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To me it doesn't sound too bad. You can start meats whenever you want. At 6 months I was feeding my son 3 meals a day and continue with that but I breastfeed him so I'm not sure how much he takes in as far as milk goes.
I don't always give him meats either. I'm not all that worried about it.
For the sippy cup thing. I bought the playtex sippy cups that have the 2 handles. They are great and they are no leak ones so he actually has to suck on it to get the water out. You could try them to see how it works for him.
My schedule at 6 months for my son was somewhat close to yours.
Brady's was:
7am- breastfeed
8am- breakfast usually oatmeal and/or a fruit
11:45-lunch usually a veggie and fruit
4pm- breastfeed
5pm- supper usually veggie, fruit and sometimes meat
6:30pm- breastfeed

Now that he's 8 months I took out the 2pm feed and I give him a snack with water. He also eats a lot of table food as well.
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