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Hi Everyone! New to this Group.
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Hi Everyone! New to this Group.

Hi Ladies,

               Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Amy and I'm 19 weeks pregnant with my first child, a boy! I wanted to join this group so I can start learning about what to do when it comes time for baby food. I figured it's never too early to learn.

I plan on introducing baby cereal & rice around 4 months then adding fruits and vegetables around 5-6 months. Does this sound about right? Of course every baby is different and I will be looking for his cues to let me know when he's ready.  Also, how often do they get food, at first it's once a day? Maybe lunch or dinner and gradually work up to twice & three times a day? Do you give a bottle first and then food or switch back and forth?
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You will find with everything every baby is different.

The world health organization recomends not to start any food until at least 6 months. Some Dr's will recommend rice cereal before that but it's really up to you when to start.

At first you will want to just offer it to him once a day to see how he does. You will want to probably do it in the moring so that if he does have any problems like an upset stomach you have all day to deal with it instead of him crying and uncomfortable all night keeping you up.

You will want to introduce one fruit or veggie at a time and wait 3 days before introducing another one to him so you can watch for any signs of allergies.  

I always made sure to nurse first then wait about 15-20 minutes before trying rice cereal. My daughter did not like rice cereal so I never did feed it to her. I went to oat meal instead. At 9 months old she eats oat meal and 2 oz of fruit for breakfast then whatever I'm having for lunch and dinner. She's got 10 teeth so she went to table food pretty early.

It's great that you want to start learning now but it will definitely be a try and see kind of thing.

Good luck and congrats on your little boy
I would wait to discuss with your pediatrician when it is a good time to start solids.  Four months is usually the time they tell you to start but only small amounts of cereal just to get them used to the spoon.  I started oatmeal and gave that 2 times a day for a month.  THen at 5 months I started to give him cereal and fruit in the morning.  I did that for about a week using two different fruits.  I started with prunes for 3 days then pears for 3 days.  He seemed to have no allergic reactions to those fruits so then the next week I started veggies.  I stuck with the fruits in the morning with oatmeal then did oatmeal and veggies in the evening.  I still give 5 6oz bottles a day too.  I don't know about you but it seems like I understood everything I learned about caring for a baby but when it came to food I knew nothing.  I wish I new this forum existed when I was pregnant.  Good luck and enjoy pregnancy.  They are easier in the tummy. :)
I did that with my son. Cereal at 4 months, veggies and fruits at 5 and making combinations of foods at 6. He's 7 months and I'm still introducing new things to him all the time. I've taken it slow since I started him so early but he's a pro!

I started just giving him cereal at breakfast and then I don't remember how I did it~ I think I gave things at lunch because you always want to introduce foods earlier in the day so it doesn't bother their tummies at night and disrupt sleep. Not long after I did the 3 meals a day. Now at 7 months I give him snacks on occasion and I still breastfeed him.

need_answers- I made the group not that long ago so don't feel too bad! LOL
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