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MRI Cervical Spine W/WO Contrast
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MRI Cervical Spine W/WO Contrast

Am 53 yrs. old. Graves Disease, Rheumatoid Arthrtis,  Malignant Melanoma, Breast Cancer, Thyroid Cancer.  
Pet Scan showed various places of interest.
Before this illness which presented itself in abdomine, and still does I was exercising 6 days a week-2 hours a day,
low fat, no salt, sugar free diet.  Have had every test known to man including this one.
What does this test mean?
The height, signal intesity and alignment of the cervical vertebral bodies is within normal limits. A small focus of fat is
noted within the C6 vertebral body.  Pannus is noted around the dens but there is no significant compromise of the
spinal canal. Mild disc degeneration is noted at C4-C5.  There is no evidence of abnormal enhancement.
The spinal cord appears normal in signal intensity and contour.  There is a mild left foraminal stenosis at C2-C3
secondary to left facet hypertrophy. There is no evidence of the disc bulge, protrusion, or spinal stenosis
This was a Sagittal T1 Flair images, sagittal and axial FRFSE T2 weighted images, axial gradient echo images, and
postcontrast sagittal fat-suppressed T1 weighted images and axial non fat suppressed T1 weighted images were
submitted for interpretation of the cervical spine. I received 16cc of Magnevist intravenously.
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Avatar dr m tn
Quick synopsis ---

You had an MRI of your neck with and without IV contrast.
You have a small amount of soft tissue (pannus) around the second cervical vertebrae that is NOT causing a problem (common in Rheumatoid)
You have a little degeneration at C4-5 and C2-3.
There is a benign looking fat glob at C6.
Essentially, your neck is without any serious abnormalities.
Avatar n tn
hi there,i am 51 yr old male quiet fit non smoker,had 2 attempts at adaf first bone graft none fusion second i only remember entering anasthesia area,awoke in another hospital icu on ventilator the surgeon had clipped my left vertebral artery,truama all round glad i was out,i have been back for coilling platinum,on mri it sits just to left of c5 c6, could surgery still be performed posterior,i know i sound a gluten for punishment,but pain and musle spasm shoulders neck 8 out of 10 every day im from uk annie occured whilst steming blood loss,i have no other medical conditions there is no evidence of comression on mri/ct scans obviously my surgeon is reluctant to approach my problem with further surgery,but im sceptical that im missing out on some releif.appreciate your comment.
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