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19 years old - tailbone/lower back buttock pain?
I have been working out for almost half a year and I have done some weight training.. These past few weeks however I haven't done too much on it, but last week I started to do it again. However, I started to have this lower back pain (it's on my buttock section, tailbone..idk how to describe it)
It is not really 'pain'ful, but it definitely is achy and tiring whenever i stand too long..or when i sit sometimes its kinda achy too so the best way not to feel the pain is to actually lay down on the bed.
When I sneeze or cough I could feel the ache too..

I'm just really worried..What might be causing me this lower back pain? I'm still young I don't want surgeries or back problems or anything like that :( Being a hypochondriac doesn't help either..

Help please!
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