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Back creams, rubs for back pain
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Back creams, rubs for back pain

I  had 16  months ago a Microdisectomy T-9 T-10 due to cord compression. Disc was

pushing into my spinal canal..I had a injury/accidet at work.

Most back operation aren't in the thoracic area, mine was, I have recovered , I am 44yrs old. Female, not overweight, always exercised. I was told I can

snow ski again by my neurosurgery, have gone back to Jazzercise, I only do ALL low impact/aerobics,don't do anything
like running, or any heavy lifting of washing,  all exercise seems
to stir up my back pain, not bad, but not the way I was before the operation.. I walk daily,swim. I   had a post op MRI 4 months after my operation,don't have any spinal cord compression,

just scar tissue. Any advice on exercise that's good for your back after spinal surgery, or experience would be great.

I walk daily and swim 3-times per week also, however all exercise except walking gives discomfort, however
doing Nothing gives you pain, I like to exercise so want to keep doing it, but the best kind.
Also do you know if creams/lotions that have glucosmine and capsicum, back
rub creams are good to use long term, not like they have a drug in it, but
does research show these creams like Capsicum, Arnica help with back pain,pain
around your  spine, I use Arnica (homeopathic) gel on my scar on my back from my microdisectomy as I get
pain at times around this area after exercise, must be due to the tissue swells.

Any advice would be great.

Thanks Fizzy

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I  had a spinal fusion L-4, L-5 6 months ago in Dec, 07. I am still in pain too although nothing like before surgery. I use the wal mart brand equate muscle rub. on the box it says compared to ben gay. sounds silly, but I have tryed others and this one seems to help me the most, it does help now and before surgery it help enough that I got some sleep at night. nothing expensive or fancy, just this generic one was better for me than the capsicum, thermogisic, I tryed them all even special creams from a criproactor. but the equate worked best for me.
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