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Back pain

I have had a operation done where I had 8  pedical  screws  and 4 Rods placed in my  spine but still have no release from pain,  my pain seems  worse then before the operation the pain is now not only in my back but my feet arms chest and  cant sleep ,walk or sit for very long without hurting feet burn with a feeling of nerve pain some days I cant get out of bed feel depressed have Anxiety attacks, treatment received has been many , meds I am using now is
Citalopram 40mg
Amitriptyline 25mg
Zanax 1,0mg
Analgesic almative Tablets at night
I have had plenty Lubar Epidural Steroid injections done but they help for only a week or 2 then its back to the pain again, The Dr's say nothing wrong all looks good with X-rays I don't understand why this is , is there something they are missing . can anyone help""" I have some of my X-rays on my profile to see where or what is my next option.PLEASE HELP''''
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Hi kiki64,

I just finished reading your comments. Why did you have to have 8 pedical
screws and 4 rods placed in your spine in the first place?  Was it an
injury to your back or to correct something in your back ? You have my
sincerest sympathy with regards to the pain you are feeling. That sounds
like a lot of medication you have to take. I wish I could recommend something else to help you get some relief. Perhaps some other Medhelp
member has some suggestions for you. Eve

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It is difficult to read an X-ray plate on net. You appear to be on a lot of medications and in lot of pain. I am really sorry about that. If you had a back injury which was fixed by surgery, then my sincere advice is to get a current MRI to evaluate the cause of pain and burning. In all probability it is a pinched nerve. If the pedicles and screws are causing this, then you will need another surgery to either remove them or adjust their position or use some other prosthesis to hold the bones together. If possible, try consulting another neurosurgeon regarding this. Take care!

The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you. The advice may not be completely correct for you as the doctor cannot examine you and does not know your complete medical history. Hence this reply to your post should only be considered as a guiding line and you must consult your doctor at the earliest for your medical problem.
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Hello, I read your question with great interest.  I had almost the same surgery you speak of and when I complained about the leg and feet and arm pain, tests were taken and a nerve was pinched in the hardware.
When I asked what could be done, the doctor told me that nothing could be done, tiny tiny nerves are like cooked spaghetti he told me, and he released me from his care.  

I worked really hard at my recovery through the pain, seeing other doctors in the meantime and was told the same answer every time.  I was not on any medication other than aspirin and one day 3 years later, I got out of bed and had no more leg or foot pain.

I still have back pain and probably always will, but I can deal with it better now that my legs and feet are working properly.  

I asked for referrals to other surgeons from my original surgeon for my own peace of mind and to find answers.  You don't say how long ago you had your surgery, but most of the doctors told me that the back takes a long time to heal....I am sorry you are in so much pain and I can truly offer you my very best wishes to get some answers from a referring or your original surgeon.

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