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Back spasms
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Back spasms


I was involved in a car crash in May 06. A 10 tonne truck side swiped me whilst overtaking. I turned quickly to the llft to see what happened.

I was OK but later on that eveing my back was hurting, by night i was in agony. Like someone was sticking a red hot poker into the base of my spine. I got checked out and was told i had spinal whiplash.

To this day though i am still in pain. Sometimes i can be feeling quite normal and then my left leg will go into painful spasm and give way. The spasm emanates from my spinal base, it feels like sciatica but I'm unsure.

I was started on to co-codamol which where about as useful as a chocolate teapot, the co-dydramol which just sent me to sleep and now im on Zydol 50mg (Tramadol) which arnt much better.

The pain can be unbearable and I've often not been able to get out of bed, im keep myself pretty active but would just like to know if this is sciatica or something more serious. I can tolerate high doses of pain so i konw im in real pain if i cant cope!!
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It is really hard to help without a M.R.I. to read. Sciatica should not feel like a muscle spasm, a spasm in your back can cause the sciatica to act up and be more severe. Sciatica should fell like a sharp pain in your hip that shoots down to the knee and can go to the foot. The pain will feel real deep in the leg. What I'm thinking is you need to have a M.R.I. to see what is going on. Then report back.

Hope I Help
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