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Bad Neck Pain

So the whole situation seems to have been going on for about little over 2 weeks.  It originally started off its worse id say, my neck and back was hurting severe, i felt fatigued, headaches and nausea at times.  Along with that it seemed at times my hand, arm and body seemed really weak as well.  I also would start to get palpations and my athsma seemed to pick up.  I have anxiety so when all these other things started up palpations and athsma could have been from that.  today, I've still been having some neck pain but id say not as severe as it was, but if still been feeling fatigued and nausea though.  along with the palpations and athsma.  My moms a nurse and she said it could be caused from stress, but i dont feel stressed when this is happening.  another thing she said is it could be because Ive been on the computer alot.  From my point of view i spend an avg of about 40hours a week doing it while when im at work im constantly moving running around lifting things for about 20-25hrs a week.  In addition I've been trying to lower it even more but it seems like its still been here.  The only other thing she said, would be a pinched nerver which seems the most logical at this point from what I know.  I just know its been freaking me out and i dont know at what it could be.  I got some blood drawn and a checkup mid april so about a month before all these and everything came back fine.  Im going to see the doctor again in the next day or two.  if you guys have any ideas of what it could be, suggestion on what i should ask and have check, and things i should do to help it please tell, just please try not to freak me out anymore than i am :)
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Hi khoatic,
I promise not to freak you out. After reading your comments, I'm more inclined to think this neck pain is a combination of your running around
and lifting things at work between 20 -25 hours and sitting at your computer for endless hours. You say you spend an average of about 40 hours a
week " doing it". By doing it, do you mean sitting typing on the computer.
If you spend 40 hours on the computer, that's way too much time especially for someone like you is having trouble with their neck. I have neck pain
too or let's say neck discomfort, stiff neck etc. You say you have a doctor's
appointment in the next day or two. That's good. I would suggest that
you tell your doctor about all the symptoms you're having. It has been my
experience that general practioners can't do much for this type of problem.
Your doctor will probably give you a referral. My guess is you need to be
treated by a chiropractor. I go to a chiropractor for regular adjustments.
I've had whiplash twice after being rear ended by a car twice within two
years. I find the adjustments very necessary. See what your doctor says.
In the meantime before you see your doctor, I would definitely limit your
time on the computer. You can place an ice pack at the base of your
neck for about 10 minutes. I would buy two ice packs and alternate them.
Don't let the actual ice pack touch your skin. You can buy ice packs in
a drug store like Shoppers Drug Mart. Wrap your ice pack in a thin tea
towel sometimes a thin pillow case works too. The best is to sit up on
a couch because your couch can give your neck support. Put the ice
pack wrapped in one of the things I've suggested on the base of your
neck and sit there quietly for about 10 minutes. The ice will help reduce
any inflammation in the base of your neck. This will hopefully give you
some relief. As I mentioned, I myself have neck pain and I suffer from
headaches from time to time. If the pain is really intense, it could make
you feel nauseous. I used to spend more time on the computer but I've
reduced my time too because I find spending too much time on the
computer aggravates my neck. I wish you well. Evewisewoman ( Eve)
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I think if most of us saw videos of ourselves at the computer, we would realize how much stress is put on the neck and back after settling into our chairs for awhile.  the computer is static, that is it does not move with us, we move into it, and adjust ourselves for comfort which many times is a slouch or a curled spine.  I am on the internet alot during the early daytime, it is 9 am here now, but have learned to turn off, log off, put the computer to sleep and do some stretches, or some gentle moves designed to relax and regenerate my spine and neck.  If I am going to be on the computer longer then I expected working on my website or processing photos from my camera, I do self checks with the clock on the computer to take a break at least once every hour...

I am glad to read you are seeing your med doctor for this in a day or 2.  

Good luck and I hope you come back and tell us what was found out with your neck pain...


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