Chronic popping and cracking in upper spinal cord, (ONLY) when inhaling.
by jack86, Jun 02, 2009
Hello, since i finished bootcamp four years ago i've had a weird issue with my back. its mostly in the upper spinal cord region and only pops when i breath in. i can be sitting, standing or in bed when it happens. on a pain scale from one to ten i'd say about a 2 on a regular day, and a 4 at its worse. this popping/cracking sound can be heard by anyone close enough to my back and felt also. on a normal occasion, i'll breath in normal and close to the middle part of my spinal cord, (more so the left side of it) it will tense up at the beginning of my inhaling. then towards the end i'll hear that weird crinkling sound the POP or CRACK! and sometimes its not just once. in one breath it will sometimes pop or crack a number of times. between 2 or 4 times max. THIS HAS BEEN HAPPENING TO ME FOR THE PAST FOUR YEARS!! NO DOCTOR HAS BEEN ABLE TO HELP ME OR SOLVE IT. PLEASE, IF THERE IS ANYONE THAT CAN GIVE AN EXPLANATION OR DIAGNOSIS FOR THIS ISSUE PLEASE HELP ME.
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by Jbthacker, Jul 27, 2014
Did you ever find out anything? I've had this for about two years now and have no answers either.