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Feel as though I always need to stretch...
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Feel as though I always need to stretch...

Hey folks, I gather that this could fit in a few catergories so I am going to ask here and you may be able to point me in the right direction.

Im a 24 year old althletic male and Since the age of about 8 I have always felt the need to stretch my neck.

Its not a pain that I am feeling, more like a sensation that makes me want to stretch it. If I tell myself to not do it, I literally cannot go more than 10 minutes without doing it once.

However if I am busy doing something thats physical or concentrating my mind, I tend not to even think about, or do it.

Very strange I know.

Situations where I am most likely to want to do it, are watching TV, reading the paper, lying in bed, sat driving.

Situations where I am least likely to want to do it, are when Im doing something physically like running, cutting wood, playing football. Also I feel my most comfortable when I am in bed in the morning after a nights sleep.

The area that I want to stetch is now kinda extended to my shoulder, and elbow (all on my left side).

The feeling of when I do it does feel good when I do it. But I think the long term effects of doing it an awful lot is doing me damage.

This has been going on for as long as i can remember now, 16 years and have been to about 4 doctors, 3 osteopaths, countless masseurs and even acupunture with no cure.

Thinking about it, when discussing it with them, I have mentioned the pain more than wanting to know the reason why I am wanting to stretch so often.

Any thoughts or experiences of similar would be greatly appreciated!


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I have that.  I am constantly readjusting my back and stretching it.  I stretch my neck all the time.  I even stretch my arms and legs all the time.  Every time I stand up, I stretch my whole body.  I never noticed that other people don't do that until I read this.  I did notice that I fidget a lot in meetings though.  I have to stretch my back,  change positions, etc.  Part of it is that my feet and legs go numb if I sit one way too long.  But part of the problem is that I just feel the urge to stretch and it drives me crazy until I do it.  

I am totally like this too. at work i get stiff so quick i have to hide just to stretch, then i feel better for a while. it is so frustrating
Me as well!
I've always been quite athletic, i was in the swim team as a teen, I've taken up many different sports and when I grew up I took up Weight lifting, but nothing too extreme or crazy.

This unbearable need to stretch my back started a little over a year ago (just after turning 31) , and its been driving me crazy ever since, to the point were it seriously interferes with my ability to sit straight and get some work done.
I must admit, over my lifetime I slept in some pretty messed up positions. Add to that the fact that my desk chairs (i'm a software developer) were never exactly ergonomic, so that might be the result of a lifetime of these practices.

But another thing i noticed that started way before the unbearable feeling of needing to stretch my back, was my sleeping habits. I cannot, CANNOT sleep on my side or my back, I always sleep on my stomache (face down), because any other position is just not comfortable at all and I simply can't fall asleep unless I am face down. I noticed that it had to do with my back, sleeping face down with a pillow under my chest bends my back backwards and stretches it and it feels so good and comfy I immediatley fall asleep, as opposed to hours and hours of lying on my back or sides and feeling very uncomfortable.

I know all this is a lot to process, the culprit could be a combination of everything I mentioned above, but so far I've tried everything, I've tried becoming active again, losing weight, going to a chairopractor, taking muscle relaxants ..etc
The only thing that sort-of worked, was getting a massage. It will relax your back temporarily, but then I found that I need to constantly go back, and quite frankly I can't afford getting a massage every 2 days!

Any ideas would be welcomed, sometimes the need to stretch is so overwhelming I cancel all my plans and just spend the whole day & evening in a vicious cycle of stretching and lying down, rendering me completely unproductive and useless! Its reaching the point where its destroying my work and my life because anything i have to do sitting down is incredibly uncomfortable. I can stand up and the need goes away, but i can't spend my life standing up the whole time.

Have you found out anything about your stretching situation.  My son age 15 has started doing it too.  Mostly over the last 9 months.  Unfortunately, when he does it, it effects the blood flow to his brain and sometimes he passes out or has seizure like activity.  The drs at Children's Hospital (we have seen many drs and spent many days there and had many tests) say that it is something that he is just doing.  We need to take him to a behavior modification specialist.  My son says he can't help it, doesn't even know he is doing it and it gets worse if he doesn't.  Hoping you may have found answers by now to help us.
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