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Hi, why do I get tingling from base of neck and all over my head and headache?
Hi, I'm 40 year asian female. my symptoms, tingling from the base of my neck going up and all over my head and behind my eyes, (type of tingling feeling just before when your legs are about to fall asleep, not painful, but super uncomfortable and disturbing),  

blurred vision when severe and feeling like i'm about to pass out and scared if i do i'm not going to wake up,

heaviness of head like my neck can't support it,


cold hands and feet,

stiffness of neck and shoulder,

peeing a lot but i do drink water alot because doctor said these symptoms might be because i'm "dehydrated"


nausea (from the headache behind my eye)


when i start to have these symptoms, i do get panicky and my heart does start beating very fast.

i don't believe my anxiety is causing these symptoms.  

I'm not a hypochondriac so unless I really do get them on their own, I would not psycholgically make them happen.  

Although anxiety does seem to make it worse, but only because i get very scared when i feel like i can't breathe when i get attack of severe tingling/headache.  

can someone give me their opinion?  

p.s. i do take flonase

Thank you,  Ivy
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