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Lumbar MRI results
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Lumbar MRI results

Can anyone shed some light on my lumbar MRI results:

Vertebrate alignment is anatomic.

T12-L1: Normal
L1-L2: Disk is decreased in signal intensity. Increased marrow signal abutting the superior L2 superior endplate anterioty is consistent with DDD or prior trauma
L-L3: Normal
L3-L4: Disk is decreased in signal intensity:  Mild Central canal stenosis
L4-L5: Disk is decreased in height and signal intensity.  There is a 2-mm disk bulge/protusion with associated high signal consistent with an annular tear.
L5-S1: Normal
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Avatar n tn
I am not sure about these MRI's but i just had one done and have 3 herniated disks. One measured 10x10x18 and one 12mm. Your's says 2 mm right?
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with regards to your MRI SCAN i cAN GIVE YOU SOME general you have a narrowing in your spine .in the bit where the nerves go {thats why you may have some leg pain].Also you have DDD this is simalar to Arthritus it may give you pain but not always. you have a small slipped disk ay L4/L5.
I take it from your results you are 30 + in years?
are you male?
have you had an op yet?
as a person who has had two ops on his back i would advise AGAINGT it if you can!!
i had my first op in 1996 it was a L4/L5 this was a laminectomy i got a good result for about 2 years but ever since i have been in pain
my last op was in nov 07
i had a re op of L4/L5 and a diskectomyat S1 and a nerve decompression at L5
i have been HOUSEBOUND SINCE!!!!! due to pain i am in a mess
i take oxycodone and i have an electronic pain device on me all the time
good look come and join the www.spine health .com    ITS a live chat room for ppl with back and neck problems i go as MURPHY as my screen name
see you there STRAKER
Avatar n tn
Thanx guys, I am 45 and had a lot of strain on my lumbar spine during my last career(15 years as street cop).  I am feeling much better.  I went to a Ortho Specialist and he refred me to a great PT facility.  A lot of new stretching routines, massages and ice have relieved most of my pain.  I have not taken any pain med's for the past month.  I am very hopeful I will be back to 100% soon.  I've learned PT facilities come in many levels.  I went to another PT faciltiy in the past for two months and it yielded absolutely nothing. Be cautious of any PT facility which pushes a lot of time hooked up to machines(electrical stimulation, Ultrasound, and heat pads).  Physical Therapist should give you lot of one on one attention.  

My t-spine and cervical MRI's were clear.  I guess I am very lucky because I have two problem areas in my lumber spine.  The Physical Therapist said my lumbar spine is fairly typical for someone my age.  

Thanx for your comment and take care.
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