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MRI Translation?
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MRI Translation?

Hey guys,
I am 26, was an Airborne Infantryman 240B Gunner, spent 15 months in Sadr City, Iraq carrying that beast. Seeing as I'm 6'1'' and only 180 lbs, I really wasn't built for that. Sheer denial that I couldn't do it seems to have had some side effects. I have been having some pain progressing over the last few months, annoying enough I mentioned it to my PCP. She ordered an MRI, and when she got the results she seemed quite concerned and referred me to neuro. The surgeon left a voicemail stating he wouldn't operate on something so trivial. My PCP's reaction versus his is confusing, and since the VA is well known for caring for their patients (HA !), I figured I'd look into this. Unfortunately, the results are worse than Latin to me. Anyone care to put this in English for me?

MRI Cervical Spine without contrast:

Technique: Multiplanar multisequence MRI of the cervical spine
was performed without contrast.

Findings: The craniovertebral junction is normal. The cervical
spine is normally aligned. The vertebrae show normal marrow
signal intensity.

The cervical cord is normal in size and shows normal signal

At C2-C3, there is no disc herniation, neural impingement, or
spinal canal stenosis.

At C3-C4, there is no disc herniation, neural impingement, or
spinal canal stenosis.

At C4-C5, there is no disc herniation, neural impingement, or
spinal canal stenosis.

At C5-C6, there is posterior right paracentral disc extrusion
with 10 mm of caudal migration causing indentation over the
anterior aspect of thecal sac and encroaching right C6 nerve
root. The disc extrusion measures 5 mm in anteroposterior
dimension and 8 mm in transverse dimension. There is mild to
moderate narrowing of right neural foramen.
Left neural foramen is patent. No significant spinal canal
stenosis is seen.

At C6-C7, there is small left paracentral disc protrusion. The
neural foramina are patent. No spinal canal stenosis is seen.

At C7-T1, there is no disc herniation, neural impingement, or
spinal canal stenosis.
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First off THANK YOU for your service. Second off there is a disc bulging at your C5-C6 vertebra that is slightly pressing on your nerve. The area between your C5-C6 vertebra is also narrowing and can/will eventually press on the nerves causing unbearable pain and possible nerve damage if left untreated. The C6-C7 also has a bulging disc but it is not touching a nerve yet. All of the rest are normal.
There is a nerve conduction chart on my profile that you will want to look at. It is very helpful in showing the exact nerves/vertebra and what they affect. You will need to be very careful with lifting heavy objects, the way you turn and what you sleep on. You can get therapy to fix it or at the very least hold off problems but I don't think surgery is necessary unless your nerve becomes more compressed and you become at risk for permanent nerve damage.
I have had disc problems for 15 years and multiple herniated disc along with permanent nerve damage. Please feel free to ask me anything and I will answer to the best of my ability. Also feel free to send me a message and add me as a friend. Once back problems start there is no fixing them you can only help by holding off and not making things worse. Best wishes, Sissie Again Thank you for protecting our freedom.
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