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Muscle fatigue; headaches, blurred vision, numbness, etc.
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Muscle fatigue; headaches, blurred vision, numbness, etc.

     About a week ago my vision became abnormal, followed by intense headaches and a weird numbness sensation in the back of my head. After a couple days of worry i called a nurse and told her my symptomes after which she told me to go to an emergency room imediately, which i did at 1 am. When i got there i sat in the waiting room for an hour or so when i could barely keep my head lifted anymore because of severe fatigue of the muscles in the back of my neck and head. I was barely able to move anything... every muscle in the right side of my body seemed almost completely to shutdown.
     When I got into a bed the doctor ordered a CT scan and a urine test. Im not sure what they needed a urine sample for (i figured they were checking to see if i was on some sort of drug). The CT scan came back with no sign of any problems and the doctor sent me home with a perscription for motrine and diagnosed my problem as stress related. I dont understand why she didnt think i should have a blood test but i cannot understand how she came up with such a general diagnoses.
     Since then (3 days) the pain has not been so severe as far as headaches but the numbness is still there in the back of my head and i feel a bit dizzy but i had developed pain under my right shoulderblade from a huge muscle knot. I had my girlfriend try to rub it out and everytime she applied pressure pain shot down the right side of my body and up through my neck and the back of my head. So ive been iceing everywhere, taking anti-inflamatories, and kneeded the problem muscles and now i dont feel so abnormal but the stiffness in my neck, the dizziness and the numbness still remain.

1.) Could the stess of the event have caused such a huge muscle knot? Could all of my syptomes been caused orginaly by the muscle knot?
2.) Do these symptomes have any other diagnosis?
3.) What should my next step be?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thank you.
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Sounds like you are in a lot of pain - sorry to have company!  To your questions:

1.  It could be a knotted muscle, but better to get a Dr. to check and prescribe something to get you relief.
2.  Your symptoms, as described, could have a lot of causes
3.  Get to a doctor
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