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Shoulder/chest pain
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Shoulder/chest pain

I've been having this problem for about 2 weeks now and it just seems to be getting worst. I'm not sure I can ignore it much longer, but I do not get pain for another 2 weeks and was hoping someone may be able to tell me if I can just wait to see my PCP or if I need to go get it checked out asap.
My left shoulder has been having shooting pains and numbness. It hurts when I breathe and mosr so if I cough, yawn, or sneeze. It starts just in my shoulder then eventually moves down my left side and into (what feels like) the bottom of my left rib cage and works its way up to the middle left side of my chest. Somedays it only happens for a few hours, some it lasts all day. And on some days a pain starts on my right side, but only from what seems to be on my back on the bottom of my rib cage. It feels like someone is constantly poking me hard from inside my rib cage.
A little background is that I'ma  20 year old female whos family has a history of heart problems. My dad began having heart attacks at 35 and as early as 17 I was diagnosed with high cholesterol. Its been 3 years and I have quit smoking (but only recently), I excersise every day, and I'm not perfect, but I do eat ALOT better than before. I don't think this has anything to do with my heart, because it just feels like its the top and bottom of my chest, not really where my heart is, plus the ache on the right side, but I don't know much so I threw it in. Also, I am not pregnant. (I know that's a frequently asked question with anything wrong with women)
Help would be MOST appreciated. Thank you!
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You might want to get checked for a pinched nerve originating in one of the cervical discs in your neck area.
Might also look into costochondritis causing any chest pain when you breath etc. That's basically spasms with the cartilage that joins the chest bone with the rib cage. Pretty common thing that some mistake for heart problems.
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