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Thoracic disc question
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Thoracic disc question

I am 43 and have been in severe chronic back pain since 2007. Also ended up in wheelchair since 2008 due to leg weakness and back pain too severe to walk. I wake up daily with numbness in all extremities and unbearable back pain. I recently found out that my low thoracic discs (T10-T12) have degenerated to the point they are basically gone. I also have some chronic nerve damage coming from my back & neck indicated on nerve test & degeneration and bone spurs through entire spine. The crushing thoracic pain wraps around my ribcage, I cant lay on my back as it makes it hard to breathe and feels like ribcage is crushed. Back pain is so severe it keeps me bedridden, and only can lay on my sides. My specialist said he can not do any injections in my spine because i also have cerebral tonsillar herniation (chiari 1 malformation) and injections in spine would be too much of a risk of making that brain herniation worse. I can not find any information on procedures for thoracic discs in spine. Can you tell me of anything that can be done for the thoracic area where the discs are gone? Also if I dont get anything done, is there a risk of parylization the longer I let it go? Or any other risks (besides the constant unbearable pain & weakness) i cant find a specialist that deals with thoracic area. So any information on this would be appreciated. Thank you.
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I am exactly the same with my back.  I also have extreme upper back, leg pain and  and swelling.  My shoulders, everything. My neck is 3 herniated discs, my back totally degenerated.

I am in horrible pain 24/7.  I lay on my sides too and am basically bedridden.

No doctor helps and I can't take painkillers--allergy to them.

I am here for you, I know the suffering.  I am trying to deal with it also--it ruined my life and all relationships.

I try to have hope, but I know how hard it is.  Just know you are not alone....
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Hi Cindee56,

I am sorry it took me so long to get back to you, I also have chronic lyme and severe chronic fatigue so it takes me a while to get back to messages and emails.

So sorry to  hear of your suffering too! I know it can take such a huge toll on us and affects our life and isolates us from others, since so many people (including family) do not understand. I feel like everyone has given up on me. So it is so nice to have this forum and get support from others.
Please try to keep the hope. I am here for you to and I will keep you in my prayers.

How long have you had the pain? Were you in an accident or anything like that to cause that? I was in accident back in 1995, but i recovered at that time with PT and chiro. Then when i got extremely sick in 2006, undiagnosed lyme for years we finally found out. All my pain from accident came back along with severe constant fatigue and severe pain leaving me bedridden since 2007.

I finally got MRIs this year which showed all the neck and back problems, degeneration. Also Chiari malformation which prevents them from being able to do procedures on my back or neck due to the risk of worsening the chiari severely.

Can they do anything for your back? I have not found much info on surgery for the thoracic because that sounds major and high risk.

Thank you so much for your reply, and sorry it took me so long to reply back. I hope you can find some relief and some good doctors to help.

Take Care,
angelize (Julie)
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