Treatment for painful broken or bruised coccyx
by gunsonaj, Feb 05, 2007
I fell 3 days ago, landing on my tailbone.  The next day, the area was swollen... it is still swollen.
I was xray'd and advised that the coccyx was broken.  I was told to rest and take Tylenol 3 and Ibuprophen.  I was told not to use cool.cold compresses, but to have daily hot showers to alleviate the pain.

This has not been very effective. I am unable to work and in constant pain

I understand (from family members who have had a similar injury) that this injury can be very painful and that the pain can last a long time (years).

I would like to know what I can expect in regards to recovery time and if you can advise me of anything I can do to speed my recovery?  And what any additional treatments are if this continues to be a problem.

Thank you for your time and consideration

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by idesofmarch, Feb 05, 2007
Did they mention sitting on a donut?  Ya know the type of pillow that has a hole in the middle.  You can find foam ones and blow up plastic ones at most drug stores or Walmart.  I'm not sure how long recovery time is but I assume that it is atleast 6 weeks(the usual time people are in a cast for broken bones)You may have to go back to the doctor and get a note to keep you off work for a short time so you can do more ice and heat and rest. Does your work give paid disibillity for medical problems (not on the job injury)?  Good luck with your healing process.
by mickey4173, Dec 24, 2007
I bruised my tailbone hurts when i sit to long or when i sllep at night. Hard time getting out of bed. Anything i can do for this.
by dctruth, Dec 24, 2007
happy to help yas.

always apply ice pack for  10-15 minutes on and off for a few hours a day. this will decrease swelling and pain.

you both need a chiropractic doctor. this is the undisputed expert in spine care. he/sh will x-ray (while standing) the region. apply ice packs and adjust and decompress the spine.

works all the time. pills are not the answer.

yes i'm a DC, and see 400 of yas a week and my advice works all the time. even with fractured coccyx.

by rago, Dec 26, 2007
I broke my coccyx falling on a rock years ago and it impacted into the left and has caused problems ever since including haemorrhoids, but an osteopath recently said not to have it removed. If I'd just broke it, I would immediately find an osteopath or chiropractioner to see if it could be set like anyother broken bone. The pain went quite soon after the accident but the impacting is still causing problems..  
by Amy_t, Jan 08, 2008
There's a good website with all kinds of advice.  They advise something other than a donut cushion.  It's a special coccyx cushion with a cut-out at the back that relieves pressure on the coccyx.  Having just sat down HARD on the ice, I share your pain.  At the moment, I'm sitting on an inflatable donut, partially inflated and folded in half.  It's a great improvement.

Amy T.
by Jstevens911, Apr 06, 2008
I have seen a lot of information on various treatments for a broken tailbone, I would just like to set a few things straight for people.

There is no treatment really, you just have to wait it out.
Use a donut or other type cusion, you can alos use a phone book and just hang your tailbone off the back.
Do NOT take anti inflammatory pain killers,they retard bone healing by up to 30%

Best of luck to everyone suffering, just remember pain is just a feeling
by Zak_Han, Apr 06, 2008
Problem come from inflammation around tailbone,due to soft tissue damage,so your symptom is soft tissue injure cause conduct pain to tailbone,it's NOT tailbone itself.
by jessmarie, Apr 10, 2008
i landed on my tail bone from a fifteen foot drop and brusied it two dayss later i broke it during a russian what should i do?
by momdust, Apr 17, 2008
I just broke my tailbone--again.  The first time was about 20 years ago in High School--just the tip--I walked home, not too much pain--just couldn't sit for very long for about a year.

This time, I broke it up high, and couldn't even move for the first week--very painful and I'm allergic to pain killer-so glad to hear they are not good for healing.  It's been a week, I can now type for a few minutes, but the pain makes me light headed.  I rest a lot--and I'm not the resting type.  My husband bought me a donut and it works for a little while--
Believe it or not-I have found the most comforable sitting has come from an exercise ball--REALLY!  I think maybe because most of the pressure is put onto the legs, not the back and bottom.  I usually sit on an exercise ball in my office, I have done it for years--but if you have never sat on one, you might not want to try it for the first time with your broken tailbone, just because I would hate to hear that you fell off trying!

Good luck--I feel like I'm still a long ways in recovery, but glad it happened to me not my elder mother-in-law-- it happen on a faulty step.