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Undiagnosed - Neuro symptoms all over the body ever since neck 'pop...
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Undiagnosed - Neuro symptoms all over the body ever since neck 'popped'

This story may be kind of long so please bear with me! First, I've not been in any accident or suffered any huge injury to my neck.

2 months ago, I woke up with an unnatural popping sound in my neck upon rotation (turning head left and right). It's coming from the upper neck, right at the base of my skull. I thought I slept wrong and it'd go away. But from that day on, it turned into an awful crunching/grinding that never left. The sensation when turning my head is like plucking guitar strings, and tightness.

Then immediately came the ongoing headaches, burning pain down shoulders and arms, tingling and numbness in hands and feet, and on both sides. I felt generally weak, and daily tasks were difficult with the headache that never let up.

I've had x-rays and MRIs done, all they can see is that my neck is too straight, and I have minor disc bulging in C3-C5 but not enough to cause problems. The pain I feel when rotating my head feels around C1/C2 but they don't see anything wrong there. Nerve conduction, EMG, blood tests are fine.

Last month I started feeling shooting pains in my fingertips & toes, later hands & feet, and now have gone up to my upper arms & legs, then waist, back etc. My body feel weaker than ever before, though I am still able to walk (just with a lot of bruising type of foot pain). As of today the pain is less shooting/intense, and have become aching/weak. No part of my body feels normal anymore.

It still feels like the upper neck 'grinding' seems to be the source. It has not let up at all, and my headache never lets up, only gets made worse by head rotation. The headaches and body pains have been pretty gradual, gotten worse as days go by.

I've seen various doctors, tried chiro, massage, PT, and no improvement. Diagnostics not showing anything feels like my path to recovery is a guessing game, and I'm losing hope. Any ideas/help would be appreciated. Not sure what would cause my neck/head to feel so tight that rotation would cause all this.
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