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c6-7 with symptoms all over
I was recently called a medical mystery by my very trusted ortho who is a spine specialist. I had a laminectomy done 05/22 on L5/S1 and it's been very sucessful

Here is my situation:
While waiting for my diagnosis for my lower back herniation and stenosis, I visited a chiropractor. Shortly after I started to have ulnar nerve type issues presenting with part of palm, ring and pinky finger painful and asleep. Both hands. I use a computer all day so this was almost impossible.

Took time off from computer with the surgery and hands were 200% but felt better, carpal tunnel wrist splints help, especially when sleeping, as my hands use to wake me up at night.

Mid August my shoe broke causing my foot to slide forward and fall on my butt. I grabbed the railing twisting my entire body to the right. 5 days later all my symptoms came back full steam ahead. These symptoms include:
calves and feet numbness and feel very heavy
both hands asleep all the time
a pressure and numbness around ribcage which is constant ( now there is a certain spot in the left side of my ribcage if I touch it, it's very very tender)
once in a while tingling in face, especially when sitting.

I had follow up MRI for lumbar checked out fine, cervical showed c6/7 mild herniation with stenosis. thoracic showed slight abnormality as well.

Now the tricky part, they did a brain scan as well and it showed some lesions. They are diving further into the possibility of MS. I am not in denial here, I may have that. But none of it makes sense to me. Symptoms of MS don't pop up after a fall. The fall wasn't even due to me being off center it was a"shoe malfunction".

It's been about 30 days later and the symptoms ( after much rest) have started to subside. My hands are still pretty bad though.

Any thoughts? Clearly you haven't met with me or seen my MRI reports or films, just curious what your opinion may be with what I've given you.

As far as MS symptoms all I have is the numbness and pain and tingling when I tilt my head forward after I walk on a treadmill or do some sort of cardio. Besides that no. My hands have relief when walking outside in heat watering flowers. I have no vision disturbances.
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