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can a Bulging disc at L4-L5 pushing on the thecal sacl cause your legs ...
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can a Bulging disc at L4-L5 pushing on the thecal sacl cause your legs to give out?

My Husband fell 2 weeks ago in the snow and landed on all 4 of our steps. His back x-rays show a "bulging disc at the L4-L5 that is pushing on his thecal sack".  His legs keep giving out on him, mainly the right one and he is now walking with a cane. We took him to specialist that diagnosed him (with no MRI) and said that he had had degenerative disc disorder and said that unless we were millionaires (we have no insurance) there was nothing he could do for us. So, my question is, could this bulging disc cause his legs to give out? He keeps falling. And with no insurance, no one will do an MRI on him. not even the ER. What do we do? He is only 27.
Thanks for any help.
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Hi Jeni,

I had a severe herniation at the L4/L5 which was putting pressure on the thecal sac. During the first month or so after I injured it, I had shooting pains going down my left left and into my foot (hard to describe, but it felt like an electrical shock) and my left leg would give out. I never actually fell down, but came close a few times.

After a couple of months, the severe pain went away and I didn't have any other issues with my leg giving out. However, my left foot was numb and my back was sore, so I had to go for a microdisectomy in March 2007. I had a violent sneeze in Jan 2008 and the disc re-herniated and I had to go for surgery in July 2008 to take of the same problem.

So, the good news is that after the swelling, muscle spasms goes down a bit, there is a good chance that your husband will improve significantly. The bad news is, if he does end up going for surgery......he can still expect to have some type of deficiency (my left leg still tingles, my foot slightly twitches and my back is still a bit sore) as his back will never be the same.  Having said that, I live a normal life and I'm quite happy and grateful to be in my current position.

When he does feel better ,make sure he takes it easy and doesn't lift and heavy weights. Now that he has injured his back, he is going to have to make some changes. No more bending and lifting, crouch down on one knees when putting on shoes/tying up laces etc. Probably wouldn't hurt to start doing some core exercises to build up the strength.

I was 29 when I hurt my back and had surgery at age 32 and 33.

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