feels like a catch in my lower back
by honeylove, May 06, 2008
hi i am new to this foram and i had a question i feel like i have a catch in my lower back i cant lay on my back and i have to sleep on my stomach with my [ either side] with my legs bent to release the pressure on my back. is it possible that i have a disk problem? i tried going to the chiropacter part it only helped for a short time. it feels like there is a muscle caught imbetween my spine and it hurts sometimes well most of the time when i walk or try to get up from a chair.and bending over is a task i am trying to discribe it the best i can can some one give me any possibilities? thanks
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by penwill65, May 06, 2008
Sorry i just now seen this second post of yours! OMG you need to definitly go get a MRI, i just had herniated disk surgery, i suffered for years with fms, i practicly lived in chiropractor, and this time i was not getting better at all, not even for my normal week. He kept treating me untill i finally told him this is different doc, hell the guy has treated me for over 15 yrs i think..............................Had mri done and it wa a big herniated disk. So to make a long story short, im very concerned for you, i couldnt bend or tie my shoes, or put them on !!!!!!! hurt like........! So go to a nurosurgeon before you get even worse........Keep me updated ok.,love Penny
by Zak_Han, May 07, 2008
see orthopaedic doctor,please!
by honeylove, May 07, 2008
hi i go to my doctor next month i am trying to wait so i will only have 1 doc. vist you know gas is so high. so i am going to ask doc. mike for him to set me up with a scan thanks.
by rexypoo, Feb 04, 2012
I know it has been a few years since you first posted this, but did you have surgery?  I have been dealing with a large herniation for about 5 years.