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help with some results
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help with some results

can you tell me what this means.

L4-L5: Diffuse posterior disc bulging and facet hypertrophy is
resulting in mild effacement of the thecal sac and moderate bilateral
neuroforaminal stenosis.

L5-S1: Evaluation of the neuroforamen is limited at this level due to
metal artifact, but there is at least mild bilateral neuroforaminal
narrowing. This is unchanged from prior. No significant thecal sac
effacement is noted.

Result Impression
1. Diffuse posterior disc bulging at L4-L5 resulting in moderate
bilateral neuroforaminal stenosis.
2. Evaluation of the neuroforamen at L5-S1 is limited due to metal
artifact, but at least mild bilateral neuroforaminal narrowing is
noted.  This has a stable appearance from prior.
3. No evidence of moderate or severe canal stenosis.

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In very simple terms it means that there is compression on your lower spinal cord and spinal nerves, and this could be causing low back pain and may be referred pain to leg. The spinal cord compression is pretty mild and between the fourth and fifth lumbar vertebra. Also the space through which the spinal nerves pass out of the spinal column is narrowed between fourth and fifth lumbar vertebra, with similar narrowing between fifth lumbar and first sacral vertebra. Hope this helps you understand the report. Take care!
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