herniated disc in neck and shoulder pain
by chadry, Jul 10, 2007
I have herniated discs at C6-7,C5-6 disc bulging at C3-4 and C7-T1. My question is can this cause severe pain in my shoulder where I can barely use or lift my left arm. I have a very sore spot on the front of my shoulder that I can hardly touch.I had a bout of vertigo on sat. so sat. night I had to sleep in a wierd position with my neck. Woke up on Sun. and could not move my arm for pain. Went to the er yesterday. The doc said tendinitis,and gave me a shot of toradol which helped a little. I asked if this could be coming from my neck and they said they did't think so. I was doing some more reading today and read somewhere that certain discs could make it seem like there was problems with the rotator cuff. I also have a bulging disc at L4-5 that gives me severe pain in my buttocks and leg where I can't move my leg, feels kind of the same. That's why I am wondering if this is from nerves or something in my shoulder. This arm has gotten weaker over the last year anyway. Has anyone ever experienced what I am talking about. Could sure use some help on this one. My arm is a little more movable today and I have been albe to take it out of the sling and use it a little more. Any help would be appreciated.
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by giveitback, Jul 10, 2007

I am glad we can IM each other, one day we will both be online at the same time and can actually chat. LOL

That sucks about your arm now. I don't have much to say about it but I wanted to ask you something else.

Before you were injured, did you have a regular exercise routine? Are you able to do any exercises now?

Also, how much of this is related to your job? Which area of your spine do you think got messed up at work?  How long has this been going on?

I am just curious, you sound like you are a mess! LOL  

How's the L4-5 pain doing? You said you had an EMG that confirmed nerve interruption or something like that. Is it a pinched nerve?

Hope that doctor appointment goes well for you on Thursday.

Keep in touch,
by chadry, Jul 10, 2007
I can't say I had a regular exercise progaram but I did walk on my treadmill. I liked to do tae bo and there was some pilates I did sometimes. I was active though. I didn't like to sit around too much. I found things to do with myself, whether outside when it was warm or teaching myself to paint. Just things to keep busy and of course school at night.
I will honestly say that i really don't do too much now as far as real excerise, I just want to get through the day doing my routine things that have to be done and sometimes that is too much.
All of this is work related.
In SEpt. 2005 I was given the responsibilty of being a 1 to 1 with a child with c.p. She was in a wheelchair and did not have much control over anything. I am not a very big person about 5 2 and this little girl was almost as big as me. I had no training and I just moved her around all day from all her different equipment and lifting her up onto a changing table. I started to get really bad backaches but I just figured it was my mucsles from lifting her. I asked to get another position but they refused cause they had no one who wanted to take care of her.
One day in Jan. I could not get out of bed in the morning I was in so much pain then started my whole ideal of what was wrong with me.
About 3 months later I was pushing my girl through the bumpy grass after recess with one arm and trying to get another little girl with severe mental problems back into the building with my other arm when my neck popped. All of this was being done with my backbrace on because this is what they considered light duty. When my neck popped I was in so much pain crying I couldn't even move my head and barely hold it up. The workmen's comp doc said I was faking that ther was nothing that i did to cause any problems. Another doc later an a mri showed the disc problems in my neck.
My L4-5 is so so as long as I don't push it. I have chronic L5 lumbar radiculopathy according to my emg
Talk to you later
by mike1105, Jul 11, 2007
channdry--- the problem in your shoulder does NOT sound like a disc issue. just becasue you have MRI findings of disc disease does not mean that is what is causing your symptoms. your problem sounds like bursitis/frozen shoulder/tendonitis/rotator cuff related.  the tender spot on the front of yur shoulder, again, does not sound like it is casued by a disc in your neck.
by chadry, Jul 11, 2007
Thanks. I was just curious about it. I had come across an article when I was reading up on my shoulder that had mentioned that sometimes a herniated disc can give off symptoms that is mistaken to be a problem with the rotator cuff. I go to an orthopedic tomorrow so I will see what he has to say about it. It is feeling a little better today.I have a muscle on my upper arm that has become weaker over the last year and since this episode with whatever is going on it is much weaker today.
by giveitback, Jul 12, 2007
I remember my ex-husband had the same herniations as you and complained of shoulder pain like you are. I think it is very possible it can be disc related. Of course, it can be other things, but I would not rule out your discs on this one.
He ended up having a fusion - the surgeon took bone from his hip bone and fused it upstairs. The ex said that the pain from "shaving" a piece of his hip was worse then the fusion.
Let me know what the doc said.
by chadry, Jul 12, 2007
I was in and out of his office in a few minutrs. took 2 hours to get there.He told me to go to my doctor. This was for a percentage for disability for my injuries. It still hurts but it is starting to ease up again. I did notice that my neck has been very tight these last few days. I have been sleeping on the couch because it is the only way I can situate myself to get some relief. I really didn't do anything to hurt myself.
I will talk to later and send you a message. Hope you are doing good E.
by giveitback, Jul 13, 2007
So you didn't find anything out after traveling two hours! Well, I guess it was worth it if you get disability money that you deserve by seeing him.

I am scared of having surgery but I know if I don't I won't get better. My doctor told me today the last resort are those epidurals. He gave me the name of a reputable Pain Clinic and I will go get the epidural even though I do not want one. Who knows, maybe it will be amazing and I will be able to get my life back without surgery. We shall see.

Hope you're not doing too poorly. I am doing so-so, but it's because I haven't been doing anything to aggravate my nerve. I want to ride my bike so badly and start running again, I miss it so much. My golf game is going to need a lot of work once I am able to get back to it. I have a cool golf cage in my backyard but cannot use it.

by chadry, Jul 14, 2007
I am not doing good. I had to go to the er again last night. my arm was hurting so bad.i didn't say anything about my neck at first. when he asked where my arm and shoulder was hurting i showed him. it is my whole arm now with shooting throbbing pain. i can not even find a comfortable position to ease it up. he asked if i had done anything to my neck because he thought it was a nerve pain. then i told him about my neck and he said well that explains it. he did an xray of my shoulder and he said my xray was good. nothing he could see to cause the pain.he gave me a shot for pain that i actually took and it only made me high did nothing for the pain. did you ever hear of neurotin. it is a med for nerve pain. he gave me a script for that. we have to pick it up. youi know how i am with meds and let me tell you i am doing anything right now to help ease the pain. the worst part is i just had to have my daughter and husband give me a bath and wash my hair. i needed it. i could not do it myself.they threratened to leave me in there. haha.
maybe you should try the shot either it works and helps some or it don't.just as long as it is given by a good place. i personally think that the shot has a lot to do with the person giving it. i hope you can get back to your life. my oldest son loves to play golf and he is pretty good. when he was about 3 my father cut down his old set and started him with those. he still loves to play. good days are coming. o.k.
miss talking to you. i have not been out of bed too long these last couple of days.
talk to you soon
by giveitback, Jul 15, 2007
I wish you could get off that vicious merry-go-round you are on.

I have heard of Neurotin but have not used it. I hope it works for you. I don't understand why you have not been prescribed this before?  Have you had physical therapy?  Does anyone say you need surgery?  Are you going to reputable doctors?  An xray of your shoulder is useless unless you fractured or broke it. I say it is pain radiating from your neck that is aggravating your shoulder and I ain't no doctor. LOL

Gettting a bath by your daughter and husband must have made you feel like an old lady!  But I understand. My son has had to hold me up while walking to the bathroom numerous times.

My doctor told me Friday that he cannot guarantee I will be back in school in August. I was supposed to graduate next year and become a teacher. I have a couple A.A's and was working toward my teaching credentials. I worked at the college as a supplemental Math instructor and then moved on (had to change up my schedule to meet my class schedule) to being a private tutor and nanny (both cash based jobs) so I cannot collect disability or unemployment. I am going to MAKE it back next semester, I have to! I am so close to my goal. The only good thing about not being able to go back to school is that my attorney will collect me the money I would have made had I graduated on time and was teaching. I would rather have my degree on time then the money.

Anyway, hang in there kiddo!  Let me know how the Neurotin works. Thanks for sharing the golf story, that was cute!