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im so relieved im not the only person with this problem
I am a 24 year old female and I have been experiencing the same symptoms as most
of you since i was 13years old. the pain has gotten to the point where i cannot
handle it anymore. over the last 2 years it has gotten much worse, since i have
more time to sleep later than i used to (and the pain usually happens after
5-6hours of sleep).now, the pain seems to stay longer after i wake up and start

-back pain on both sides of my back (near kidneys) early in the morning, usually
after ~6hrs of sleep
-pain radiates through my back to both sides of my abdomen
-pain is worse when i take a big breath and try to stretch abdomenal muscles
-i feel a little relief curling up and stretching my spine out. sometimes
getting on my knees and falling asleep in the fetal position
-only true relief comes from getting out of bed and moving around, which
typically leads to having a bowel movement, and the pain usually stopping after
i have finished the bowel movement.
-throughout the day i may have a few pangs of sharp pain through my stomach, but
NOTHING like early in the mornings
-i have also noticed that after i wake up and start moving around (or just
tossing and turning in the bed for hours) my stomach starts to churn and
cramp...leading to needing to have a b.m. that creates so much cramping that i
feel like im giving birth.

as i have gotten older, and my schedule has simlpified my symptoms have become
easier to notice. when i was younger i only noticed the symptoms on the weekends
(when i was able to sleep longer than 6 hours). in college, i didnt get to sleep
much either, but i started noticing the symptoms more often. I also noticed in
college that when i drank alcohol heavily the night before, my symptoms didnt
occur, or were very mild. now, I am a nurse and I work 3pm-11pm. I sleep quite a
lot (around 8-9hours a day) and the symptoms now are unbearable.

i started searching for a cause and going to doctors in college. so far ive seen
my GP (who ordered abd. ultrasound, urine and blood tests, HIIDDA scan,  and tried me on
bentyl which is a medicine for abd cramps- which, surprise surprise didnt work.)
she also tried me on a highfiber diet. I aslo visited a nephrologist (kidney)
doctor who also checked my urine, and did a CT of my kidneys. they checked out
fine. then i moved on to a GI doctor and had my first endoscopy and colonoscopy.
that doctor tried to dianose my with IBS (which as a nurse i know is a
"catch-all" BS diagnosis when you cant find anything else. plus ppl with IBS 99%
of the time have diarrhea, not constipation like i sometimes have) After
visiting all of these doctors i kinda gave up. I recently went to a different GI
doctor. my symptoms are worse than ever...I have decided, with the knowledge I
have of anatomy from nursing school...i think it is either something GI related
or something to do with a nerve from my back. that is why i recenlt have seen a
new GI doctor- i ultimatly think its my back/nerves that innervate the gut.
yesterday i had a colonoscopy and suprise suprsise everything was fine. this new
GI doctor told me he has no idea what is wrong with me but that he knows its
something because it wakes me out of my sleep (apparently that is a big
indicator for something real) i have an appt with a spine specialist next week,
and i pray he will listen to me and try to help me find out what is wrong. i
woke this morning with the worse pain ive ever felt...i think its cause i slept
all day yesterday from the meds they gave me during the colonscopy and then
slept all night...i was in bed way toooo long and the pain went on for HOURS.
ive been crying this morning with the fear that i will have to live with this
for the rest of my life. im only 24 and ive had these pains for 10 years
already. i have forgotten what its like to have a good nights sleep like a
normal person.

so far no answers...im so miserable and tired. has anyone found any answers yet?

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