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living in braces
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living in braces

After many years of fighting pain , I have had to give in to having to wear braces on my back and neck for the rest of my life. I hve a condition where my spine is unable to support my body anymore. I am in right now a Miami
JTO and a Aspen LSO. This has been a very hard last few days and I am slowly adjusting to my.    new life. Any help as to how to adjust to wearing these braces would be a great support to me. I have also been told that I could go into a wheelchair as an option now but to be prepared to be in one full time one day.
I would appreciate all the comments and support right now. This is veey hard to eal with.

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I feel for you Beth. My older cousin has lived his entire life in braces...legs, hips, back...guess it was easier for him starting his life this way as a child...but all in all it's the same I suppose.
My younger brother will be wheelchair bound soon from his muscular dystrophy. I guess I'm just telling you this so that you know you are not alone.
I'm not going to lie to you and tell you that it will be an easy won't be...but you WILL survive. You will learn to make adjustments, and will learn to accept the new challenges. Some people figure it all out almost right away, while others need more time to adjust.
When I got my leg brace it took me about a leg constantly felt lighter than the other it was hanging in air. The rubbing started to chafe my skin, but I learned how to wear longer socks and wrap the top of the sock around the top of the brace.
Cotton can be your best friend where chafing is concerned.
I wish you all the best physically and emotionally.
We are here for you.
You may want to post on the anxiety or depression forums as well...they will also give you much support.
Big HUGZ for you!
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