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neck and left sholder combo issue
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neck and left sholder combo issue

Im 33 and i have been having some issues with my left sholder and neck.
The movement of my sholder is ok and does hurt when moving it around standing, however when sitting or laying in bed my left sholder will throb. The pain is mainly around supraspinatus tendon i think.
I sleep on my back with a ferm flat pellow under my left sholder and allowing my arm to rest.
Any other position is unconfortable and throbs after around 5minutes or so.
Even in this position after a few hours i have to stand up and get out of bed.
Laying on my right side with a few pilllows in front of my chest allowing my left sholder to rest doesnt help either.

My neck seems to hurt when i move my head right back
If i hold this postion the pain comes down and around to my left sholder.
Moving my neck to side to side is ok.

I have had a two accupucture trements that gives me relief for a short period time.
I have been ask to take Celebrex 200mg one tablet a day by my GP. and only been a couple of days
I have been to Physiotherapist once.

I not sure what i should do and i was wonder if you have any suggestions

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Hello tobinc,
I just finished reading your comments. If I understand you correctly, you
say you are having some issues with your left shoulder and neck. My
chiropractor, I have neck and back issues, says that sometimes if you
have a problem with neck pain it can connect with your shoulder.
My husband actually has problems with his right shoulder and neck.
He picked up something really heavy while helping his mom and dad
at their house and threw out his shoulder. That was last year and he's
still having problems with his right shoulder and neck. There is something
called referred pain. In other words, the pain may originate in one area
of your back  and the pain radiates to another part of your back,.
Both of us, my husband and I, go for regular adjustments with our
chiropractor. Were you involved in a car accident of some kind?
I ask this because you mention going to a physiotherapist.
Are you aware that celebrex has been removed by some drug stores
in Canada. Personally, I wouldn't take this drug. I would advise you
to google celebrex and look at possible side effects. You would be
surprised at some of the possible side effects of this medication.
You can just tell your GP you don't want to take celebrex anymore
because you are concerned about the side effects. My mom was
given a sample package of celebrex. It made her very ill and she
stopped taking it almost immediately. Anyway, I hope my suggestions
have been helpful. I hope you feel better soon, Eve.
Thanks for your responds
I havent had a car accident that caused my issue, however a few weeks ago i have been swimming pretty hard. I think because my stoke in freestyle and slapping the water in my left arm has taken the toll on my shoulder.

I had an X-RAY and Ultrasound and there wasnt any issues found. My doctor said some physo would be a good idea.

I went swimming yesterday and tried a slow swim. There was no pain, however extremly weak pulling down through the water. I only managed to do 3 laps of 50meters.

Im going to the physo and see some rehab program
Hi there,
You're very welcome. You mentioned swimming pretty hard. I used to do
to take swimming lessons.  I remember one day, I tried to the butterfly
stroke, the way I had seen other swimmers do the stroke. Well, I found
my shoulders really hurt after doing the butterfly stroke. You said your
doctor told you that physio  would be  helpful. I'm glad you will be going
to physio and that you will be going to a rehab program. I hope you
will find this helpful. Be well. Eve
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