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something is wrong with my tailbone :S
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something is wrong with my tailbone :S

A couple days ago I was on a train and my tailbone suddenly starts hurting me. I thought I just needed to change my seating position or something but no, it still hurted and is now a lot more painful then when it started. It even hurts when I'm laying down. Only when I'm standing straight or walking does it feel okay. This morning in school I felt like I had the wind knocked out of me and had a little trouble breathing. The pain keeps getting worse and I am scared it's more then brusied.. if it even is bruised. I tried to feel around and I found this bump on one side of my.. uhm crack. I have no idea if it was there before because it's not like I've felt around there before. Anyway, I pushed on it and at first I thought it was my tailbone off to the side : /  but I thik it's like some swollen thing.. ah I have no idea and now it is throbbing and I'm scared something is seriously wrong with my spine/tailbone.

Now, I am 17. If I could I'd just tell my parents about this right away and get to a doctor. But, I am in Croatia as an exchange student. My town is small and no one speaks english at their hospital so that would be difficult... plus I've been in the hospital and everything is so old fashion.. I'm scared doctors here aren't good. I'm just worried...

Advice? Have any idea what's going on?
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I know your story real well.  I had my tailbone removed 2 years ago after 3 years of being in pain.

Here's the thing, you may have a real problem and then again you may not.  Tailbones are notoriously fickle and take time to heal.  Sometimes you can actually just have a small cycst on the coccyx that may be causing the problem.  You may have just bruised it.

I was also living in Europe  (Switzerland) when this happened.  So, I know your plight but then again the medical situation in Switzerland is miles ahead of Croatia.

Here's what I would recommend:

1.  Cease any rough activities for a while (no more rodeo's for you young man!)
2.  Get a heating pad and use it each night.  
3.  If you're sitting in class or on long train rides, try using some to sit on like a head rest that you can buy in airports.  These are things travellers use to put around their necks to sleep, they work great.
4.  Take some Tylenol for pain.  
5.  Exercise if you can.  I recommend brisk walking or jogging if you can.
6.  Obviously, stay off your backside.

There is a website you should look at that will also help.  But, don't freak yourself out by getting paranoid about all the ghoulish stories.  Yours may only be a bruise.

In terms of doctors, see if the coccyx website recommends anyone in Croatia but I'm thinking you're going to be hard pressed to find a specialist.  Otherwise, see a good general practitioner there and then consider whether you need to see a orthopedic doc.  But, give that some time.  If you still have the pain in a couple of months you might want to consider it.

My tailbone eventually and essentially 'fell off' which required removal.  It wasn't fun living with the pain and it truly ruled my life for a while.  

Make sure they take good X-rays of your tailbone and then consider whether or not your doctor knows what he's talking about.  If you run into trouble and want to see the doctor I saw in Switzerland just let me know.  He was pretty good and has had significant experience with coccyx problems (plus getting to Switzerland is a lot easier than coming back to the States).  There is also a pretty good doctor in Paris I am told.

So, don't panic, you probably have a bruised tailbone which might take a couple of months to get over.  If it's more than that there are solutions.

Good luck.
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