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wits end with neck
   i have suffered severly for 7 years , i still am unsure that getting injections in my  neck every 6 months is the answer, but thats all i get
it started 7 years ago ,my left arm felt tired and heavy and being a hairdresser you are constantly using arms.
next thing i knew i was feeling hotter and hotter and felt unbalanced, i sat down as i knew i would fall down if i didnt
i was  told it was sinitus!!
i had to then wear a body brace to stand up as my back felt weak and head felt to heavy for body, i have had physio, seen a chirapractor, tens machine, you name it
i have trigger point book,but hard to understand
i now use a cross trainer and then inversion table,this helps but wake up with my 2 first fingers numb ,cant wear heels, hardly have any life,ive had enough i was so active before,and loved it
am just wondering if this could be due to something else i suffer along side this
i have underactive thyroid
but if i get my shoulder blades massaged ,it slighty eases neck muscles but also makes me burp so much it is unreal
do you think this whole neck and back thing could be down to some type of trapped wind in my shoulder blades
i dont know anything else i can do apart from live out the rest of my sad,depressing life due to this till i die
i am 39 years old and this started when i was 32
please any help would be so much much appreciated
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