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Low back pain. MRI Help.
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Low back pain. MRI Help.

Hello.  My name is Kate.  I am 26 years old with a recent history of Ovarian Cancer, Stage IIC.  I just finished up chemo in April.  About 2 weeks ago, I woke up with severe lower back pain shooting down my leg/foot.  After about 4 days, I went to see my regular MD where I was placed on 6 days of steroids, anti-inflammatories, and a mild pain reliever.  Days 2 & 3 of steroids I had no pain.  Then the pain came back.  My MD had me do a MRI of my entire spine.  I just got back the report, but have not spoken with my doctor yet.  I was wondering if you could shed some light on some of the more technical terms of the MRI and maybe offer some advice.  Is this something that will go away on its own or does something need to be fixed?  Just wondering how long I will be in pain, as I work at a hospital and this back pain is interferring with my patient care.

The sacral bone marrow signal is within normal limits. No scacroiliac joint effusions are present with symmetric-appearing joints. Along the right superior aspect of the acetabular roof, there is a low T1 and T2 rounded signal intesnsity withich is likely related to a bone island.  Along the left superior aspect of the sacroiliac joint along the iliac margin, there is some generalized low T1 and T2 signal which does demonstrate some mild enhancement.  There is no focal lesion and the findings are most likely related to osteitis condensans ilii.  the remainder of bone marrow signal is unremarkable.  Soft tissues are unremarkable.
mild probable sclerosis and enhancement along the left aspect of the sacroiliac joint most likely related to osteitis condensans ilii. This would be an atypical apperance for a metastasis, however, given patient's history of ovarian carcinoma, recommended further evaluation with pelvic CT with a bony algorithm protocol.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.
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Dear Kate,
Many thanks for the post and giving me an opportunity to guide you.
Well in the MRI, the doctors have found a few changes, which should not have been present in a normal MRI. However those changes,  seen in a patient with no previous history of cancer, would have been said to be Benign (ie not harmful).
But since you have a history of Cancer,  they are more cautious as there are chances that the cancer may be spreading to the bones, especially of the pelvic regions.

To rule out certain possibilities , they have advised you to have a CT scan with a bony algorithm profile. It is to rule out cancer spread to the bones, and the results can be trusted to more than 90%.
Presently we should hope as well as pray that the reports should come normal..else we are into little trouble.
So please discuss all these reports and then let's plan accordingly.
Please discuss, if you need further clarifications.
Dear Kate,

I have been very concerned about you and wondering how you are doing??

In my prayers
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