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MRI results and questions
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MRI results and questions

Was hoping to get some clarity on MRI.  Brief background:  37 yr old female, dx with Psoriatic Arthritis 6 yrs +/-, mild scoliosis dx 2 yrs ago. Main issue has been lower back pain.  

Upper back started with pinched nerve effecting left arm 8-9 mnths ago.  OK after 2 weeks of PT.  Numbness continued in tips of thumb and 2 fingers, small area in web of 2 finger and small 1/2 inch area on outside elbow.  

3-4 weeks ago muscle cramps and twitches started in left arm.  2 weeks ago, the numb area on my elbow became about 4 inches long, 3 inches wide.

PCP ordered an MRI & EMG.  After MRI and said neck was a mess and sending to Neurosurgeon.  Appointment for EMG in 2 weeks / appointment with Neurosurgeon in 3 weeks, but was hoping to get some clarity on how serious this might be before the consult.

Thanks in advance.


HX: Left arm pain and numbness in left elbow. History of pinched
nerve. Numbness left finger. Twitching and cramping of left biceps.
COMPARISON: CT neck report 07/18/2002.
PULSE SEQUENCE: Sagittal T1, T2 FSE, and STIR plus axial T2* and 3D
volume acquired TOF thin-section axial T2-weighted GRE sequence was
No cerebellar tonsillar herniation. No spinal cord signal
abnormality. There is multilevel disc desiccation from C2-3 through
C6-7. No significant disc space narrowing. There is a hemangioma of
T1. There is a T1 & T2 hyperintense bone marrow signal abnormality
involving C2. This may also represent a hemangioma. There is no
suspicious bone marrow signal abnormality. No malalignment.
C2-3: Bilateral facet arthropathy right greater than left causing
moderate right neural foraminal narrowing. Otherwise unremarkable.
C3-4: Disc bulge. Right facet arthropathy. Otherwise unremarkable.
C4-5: There is a right foraminal disc extrusion causing moderate
right neural foraminal narrowing. There is right facet arthropathy.
Otherwise unremarkable.
C5-6: Disc osteophyte complex. Right facet arthropathy. Otherwise
C6-7: There is a disc osteophyte complex with a small left foraminal
disc protrusion causing moderate left neural foraminal narrowing.
Bilateral facet arthropathy. Otherwise unremarkable.
C7-T1: Unremarkable.


1. Right C2-3 neural foraminal narrowing.
2. C4-5 right foraminal disc extrusion causing neural foraminal
3. C6-7 disc osteophyte complex with a left foraminal disc
protrusion causing left neural foraminal narrowing
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Dear Rae Ann,
the reading essentially shows that you have a fair amount of wear and tear in the neck.  A doctor must examine you to correlate what symptoms you have with the MRI because usually, not all those problems are actively causing symptoms.  Some are just normal wear and tear.  Keep the appointment and see what the surgeon says.
Good luck
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