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Might i need surgery?
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Might i need surgery?

I have been experiencing pain in my thoracic spine on and off for a few weeks now. I saw my GP the other day who thinks it is possible i have a pinched nerve. I see a physiotherapist on monday who will take a look at my back and decide if i need scans etc. Symptoms are - thoracic spine pain, my neck feels like tight up into the back of my head (muscular?) I have also had some unexplained symptoms for a while such as sharp pain down my right arm and leg and also my right side of my neck (not constant, on and off can go days or weeks without). Until now the Dr had no idea what was causing it (mri of brain was fine and neurologist found no probs) and also chest pain on the left and sometimes on the right (heart tests all ok)
Now i've started with this back pain she thinks all these could be linked. Is this possible? And if it is due to a nerve issue in my back, would i need surgery? Also sometimes when my back is hurting, the pain comes from the thoracic area but i have a aching painful type feeling right down my spine and i can feel it down to my vagina and anus(it is not painful but i have a hightened awareness of the area if that makes sense?)
I am 23 with no other health issues that i am aware of apart from possible fibromyalgia BUT that may not be the case as my GP thinks a lot of the symptoms ive been having could be from possible trapped nerve?
I was involved in a car crash 3 and a half years ago, very minor and i was fine apart from whiplash which lasted a week or 2. Could this be involved?
Thank you for your time
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Thoracic disc problems can cause some of those symptoms but iti is premature for you to be worrying about surgery without a firm diagnosis.  An MRI scan is usually the most efficient test to sort things out.
Im a fellow thoracic disc sufferer(T12 prolapse) and I woulsd say it sounds very familiar
pain in chest area..can be caused by trapped nerves from thoracic spine
abnormal sensations in nether tegions..well I have that but so far have had no explanation.
pain at back of base of head..Yep..but again no explanation
sharp pains in leg..again yep..again unsure to explanation.
ive had problems for a year and half and see 3 neuro guys. Id advice you check credentials ..not all neuro guys are skilled in this area,,its rare.
And dont always need surgery ..but you will need to get someone you can trust to talk through options.
I googled this field (well a year and half is toooo long) more understanding myself and then found a good neuro guy (3rd time lucky) . Im awaitng tests to clarify levelof nerve damage. Im in no rush for surgery as its risky but I need to   improve my quality of life which is grim right now.
Good luck to you
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