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Small herniation problem!
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Small herniation problem!

I have severe back lower back pain which radiates upto my legs.... I got my MRI scan done and the report says:
@ L5-S1 there's a small herniation and slight disc bulging from L2-L3 through L4-L5...

I am taking Physical therapy helps bt the pain increases if I walk for a short distance also....

My main concern will it bother me much during the time of pregancy??? if yes whats the solution for it??? I am very scared as the pain bothers me much....
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Dear seeya100,
Some women notice less back pain during the actual pregnancy only to have it return later when they are doing more bending etc caring for the baby.  Some women have back pain during the pregnancy and then never again so it is impossible to predict how yours will behave.
If you are not currently pregnant you may want to ask you doctor if you are a good candidate for an epidural cortisone injection (not the same one they give you for labor) and continue the physical therapy.
Also consider seeing a spine specialist who may better explain the above to you.
Good luck
Sounds like you have what I have. Go to this link and you will see an out patient procedure done for this. Sounds like the herniation is hitting the nerves on the vertabrae.

www.   Good luck.   I can't walk very far or for very long either, before my legs feel like they are going to collapse.  It's the siatica nerve that goes across the right buttock and down the leg that makes me have to sit down a lot. Also have spinal stenosis.  It's the nerves being touched by the spine that is the problem.  
: as i said before that i am takin PT it advisable to go for lumbar traction for such problem..will it help curing it??

because the treatment is not really helping me... when i climb many stairs (which i cant avoid in the subways) my legs get shaky.....

and about the injection...plz let me know the side effects of it, if any??... I am really very scared of that name also...

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