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back pain at base of spine
I have had back pain at the base of my spine for over a year.  Soemtimes I cannot sleep.  Sometimes it radiates down the right buttocks and leg.  
I have had an MRI and Xrays but they didn't really show anything.  
I also have had shingles recently, and I have a place in my right buttocks where steroids shots eroided the fat and left a crater -
a dermotologist said that this was exposing nerves and causing the pain.

It comes and goes - but almost always is slightly there when I lay down.  Last night was the worst it has been ever -

Mobic, etc... does not seem to work -
Tylenol provides the most releif but not total.

Any ideas?
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Sometimes MRI does show something that is overlooked or interpreted as normal by a primary doctor.  If you have not done so, consider seeing a spine surgeon to make sure no-one is missing anything.  They may also order some other tests or injections to help sort things out.
Good luck
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