Acid Reflux
by pmc63, Mar 09, 2008
Anybody have any good advice on how to avoid or what to take and when?
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by Kande, Mar 11, 2008
Hello, Have you ask your doctor for anything? I would check with him first. I do know of a natural cure, that people swear works, but again I would check with my doctor before doing. I have had many people tell me that ,1 Tlbs. of apple cider vinegar does wonders. I don't have acid reflux, so I don't know. It would be wonderful if it did work, low cost, safe.
by Barb925, Mar 14, 2008
When I first got it my dr told me to use chewable tums. Unfortunately it got so bad that they put me on prilosec. And I definitely notice problems. I would check with your dr first and see what he wants you to do.

by ngm44, May 06, 2008
i had my lapband done almost a year ago.  since my last two adjustments i have been having problems with acid reflux.  i have nexium and prilosec and neither have really helped.  i am considering having my band loosened unless someone has found something else that works?
by LADYBUG331, Sep 06, 2008
I'm in the same place you are.  Have you found any help?  My doctor seems to think it's not that bad. WelI I have new for him it is that bad.  I didn't think Iwould consider having it removed or loosened, but it has gotten that bad for me..
by zOnnA, Jan 29, 2009
I had my lap band put in back in 2001....and I had pain that I thought it was heart burn turned out to be stones in the gallbladder I had an emergency surgery to remove the gallbladder out
but  now i'm suffering from acid reflux i only feel it when i go to sleep my doctor gave me nexium and it didnt help and now i'm sleeping in a tilted bed and it's not helping either ...I miss sleeping ...i do wake up at least every 2 hours which is annoying
by adms, Apr 25, 2009
I had my band surgery done a year ago this past March.  Things were going well until this week.  I have had reflux so badly that I cannot sleep in the bed.  I've had to sleep sitting up in a chair.  When I do try to go to bed to lie down, I wake up choking and almost inhaling reflux.  Having alot of heartburn too.  Scared to eat anything.  Thinking I should ask my dr. to loosen the band and maybe prescribe someting for the reflux and heartburn.  I am miserable.
by Teddybear09, Apr 25, 2009
I am in Australia and I have had the reflux thing - band has been in since 1997.  Make sure it is not an ulcer - I had an ulcer the first time I had reflux.  I am now on somac.  Also sleep with the bed head at an angle as that will stop the reflux happening.

Good luck with it all.  With regards to the comment made about apple cider vinegar - mix is with some honey and have a sip of it - it eases it but make sure you only have a sip and keep the rest in the fridge to take.  My grandmother who is nearly 107 years old had apple cider vinger and honey all her life and swears by it.  Think she is proof that the doctors want it works/is a natural cure.