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Egads! I got the Hives from Lamotrigine
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Egads! I got the Hives from Lamotrigine

I've been itching all night. Doctor said there is nothing to worry about unless the rash starts to look like posion ivy out break but it driving me crazy! I'm going to grind up some oatmeal and take a nice bath. I also took some Zyrtec because it has antihistamine.

I'll see how that works....

I can't do much right now...can't talk to the doctor until tomorrow after 9 AM
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I would say if the doctor says there is nothing to worry about that means that they believe the rash is not from Lamictal because if they did then they would give specific instructions to see them immediately. It may be any other dermatological concerns that are not related to the Lamictal and are harmless. The specific rash of concern is called Stephen's Johnson syndrome and is a full blown allergic reaction that can be caused by Lamictal among other medications and is very dangerous. You could find out more information on that but if they believed you had it then they would see you right away. Do keep track of the rash and if worsens make sure you see someone as soon as possible. You could see a dermatologist and find out what you are experiencing if it doesn't go away though but it seems you are following the right course of advice.
Dear Bluetwo,
We get rashes and then we get RASHES, lol.  I have prescription ointment, over the counter ointment, my girls are able to take benydril and the grandbabies.  But what works fastest and calms quickest is an old family recipe.  Half full bath, one small box of baking soda, full bath, two boxes. Soak and use a wash cloth to just pour the baking soda over head to toe, keeping it out of the eyes and mouth.  Then when getting out a little baking powder on the areas with hives.  It really helps.
Hope you feel better soon.
Oh BTW if an obscure reaction is going to happen, I get it and lamictal brought no hives, other things  but no hives.
Called up doctor around 915AM. He told me to discontinue use of  Lamictal  ASAP.
The rash is all over me and didn't start to get full blown until Saturday night and Sunday morning.

It looks like a allergic reaction from Sulfur. Just looks like that.

Told me to get OTC Benadryl to get rid of the rash.
If it continues to get worst like blistering like poison ivy I will go to ER ASAP.

But the strange thing is I was having the rashes on my forearms and DR told me to continue the meds back five weeks ago but this time it's full blown. Even my feet have the rash!

I'm going to take a nap now.
that is good your pdoc said to d/c immediately!! these hives can be a very SERIOUS reaction and YES DO GO to the ER immediately if you feel the benadryl is not helping...I was warned abt this reaction by my pdoc when I began lamotrigine.
take care
How are you feeling about quitting the Lamotrigine? Was it working for you otherwise? Are they gonna switch you to something else? Man, I hope you feel better soon, and the rash doesn't progress into Stevens-Johnson syndrome.
Sending many positive thoughts your way.
Take Benadryl.  I had the same thing and freaked out thinking it was SJS - it will pass.  Just treat the discomfort and it will be through in a stage.  If it were SJS - it would happen quick and be blister-like (or I was told).  

If the rash develops into blisters then it's to the ER especially when its starts to blister your eyes, mouth, nose and the nether regions., It looks like poison ivy.

The mood stablizer worked fine...what's a substitue without the rash?

I have appointment next month.
Many mood stabilizers don't cause Stephen's Johnson syndrome. And some other medications can cause it but like Lamictal can cause standard rashes as well. I do respect what your psychiatrist said but see a dermatologist. I had a rash when I started Lamictal and I was told to see one right away. It was standard psoriasis and had nothing to do with the medication but it was treated. Do a google image search for "Stephen's Johnson Syndrome". The results won't be very pleasent but at least you'll know what it looks like and I would suggest that a follow up with a dermatologist would be a good idea regardless of what it is.
I saw the google pictures of SJS but my rash looked like allergic reaction to Sulfur med's I had once. All red including my goose bumps. At no time I had blisters. I think my PsyDr started to fast and furious trying to get me up to therapeutic levels. First two week in May 25mg, 2nd/2 wks of May 50mg then on Jun 2 100mg for 21 days. He was ready to increase to 150mg on Jun 23 for two weeks but my outbreak started Jun 19th.

I did go to ER to make sure everything was okay because the rash was getting into my face. I got a Diphenhydramine shot in the butt and 3 Prednisone tablets at the meds to take home.

I made a follow up appointment and they booked me June 29 at my local hosp...I will go for a dermatologist referral and double check if it wasn't something else that brought on the rash.

Can I go back on Lamotrigine if prescribe in slower and steady pace?
Or...if I develop a rash the med's are not right for me and to be avoided?

What other bipolar meds have a good reputation with little life threatening side effects?

Looked up mood stabilizers: Geodon, Topamax and Abilify....all the side effects are alarming but don't cause weight gain.

What should a patient do?
Generally if someone develops that particular side effect from Lamictal their psychiatrist will not start them on it again. That side effect from Lamictal is statistically rare (1 in a thousand). All medications have adverse side effects including asprin. Just because you developed one adverse reaction doesn't mean you'll develop another. Here's a list of mood stabilizers:
Feel free to discuss the options with your psychiatrist.
A rash is SERIOUS! Lamictal can cause a life threatening rash or even death.  Your doctor should have taken this seriously!
He's been my doctor for about 9 years.
He is a very good doctor and very attentive.
Everyone could be afraid of the side effects of Lamotrgine and I wonder how many of his clients have call him in the middle of night asking if dandruff itch is the start of of SJS?

I'm sure he has to deal with a bunch of nervious nellies.

I tried it and didn't work out.
I'm not the type to blame the doctor...things happen.
We just take all the broken pieces and start all over again.
With a little super glue and duct tape....I should be fine.

So I'm stuck with terrible rash and its clearing up.

I've been doing research on the other mood stabilizers. The known name brands have have real bad side effects besides weight gain.

I'm going to rethink my Wellbutrin and Clonzapam combination again.
That RX does work if you keep up with the regiment as perscribed. I got lazy and got over confident that my bipolar was in check. I've been going to the gym since Jan 2008 and I lost about 48 pounds. I felt pretty good about myself and I got sloppy about taking my medications...they were irregular but I was always in a good mood.

And when your life is doing fine....Why worry?

I'm suppose to take two Wellbutrin 100 mg with one 0.5 Clonzapam in the morning.
Bed time one Wellbutrin 100 mg with one 0.5 Clonzapam at night. If I follow the program I don't even have problems falling aslee!

I tried to get back into the program by putting my med's in plastic film container so I would bring my med's to school just in case I forgot to take them at home. They certainly came in handy when I forgot to take them at home but lazy me I forgot refill the container. So when I got home I didn't take Wellbutrin at night because I didn't have my two in the morning and I would stay awake all night. So I just took my clonzapam instead and figured I'll be okay. The next day I would refill my container again and went back on the program of regular use and then I got sloppy by being forgetful. I was feeling okay and my moods were stable....why worry?

I started to have problems when we went into day light saving time March 8th and my sleep schedule got all messed up. I should of rested more but I decided to take on a two week assignment. I got the class from Dante's Inferno. I tried to live by the seven virtues but the seven vices kept on creeping in. The kids were really horrible and got no support from the staff. No lesson plans and ESL to boot. I don't know why I accepted the job....the fearless team leader told me ALL the students spoke english very well. As the days progressed I would say 25% of class were fluent.

I felt fine doing the job even though some those red flags kept up prompting up warning me I was doing too much with my disorder.... it was a great challenge. but I overextended myself.

I was basically in a manicky state throughout the whole affair because of the daylight savings time change. When I finished that job my illness really clobber me! I didn't know if I should cry or laugh. It was my "first long term" job and it felt like I was jumping out of perfectly good airplane but someone forgot to tell me where was the rip cord was at. I crashed right into the ground and I didn't realize the seriousness of my predictment until I started to climb out of my crater I made. It was deep impact! It's been a long time since I had a mixed state and it took me by surprised.

Bipolar is a baffling illness.
The moral of this story is take your medication even if your feeling well. Like Forrest Gump would say...."Life is like a box of don't know what your goin' to get" but with bipolars we sometime bite into cherry pits that weren't sorted out during processing.

So I'll ask my doctor forgiveness and go back on the Wellburin and Clonzapam combination again.

I'll make some adjustment with my sub job. After Jan 1st all the students become March Hares and they become very taxing on one's nerves even with the hard core teachers. I'll work on daily sub assignments no long term type assignments. Work for 21 days and take 5 days off to recharge my batteries.

I did that 2007 - 2008 school problems.
When the red flags appear by close attention them and don't discount them.

And the best thing...don't get serious about everything or you go crazy.

Did Zobra the Greek give up living after his engineering project fell apart?
What did he do?

"When the red flags appear by close attention them and don't discount them.

Should be: "When the red flags appear; pay close attention to them and don't discount them.
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