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Medication for Permanent Mood Swings caused by meth?
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Medication for Permanent Mood Swings caused by meth?

I am so confused on what to do at this crucial point in my life.  I am one of the unlucky individuals that started getting extreme mood swings from using crystal meth for approx 3 yrs.  How I know I'm not truely bipolar is that there is no history of the illness on either side of my family, and secondly...I started to get major mood swings at the end of my bout with my use with Crystal Meth which was like 10-12 yrs ago.
I still have rapid mood swings, and when I say rapid I mean like every 4-5 hrs. On a bad day, even more rapid.
Now, I guess I've caused brain this point there is no question in my mind, as like I said, I've had these rapid mood swings for so long now.
I don't even get angry anymore, but rather surpress these mood swings, and I am constantly in a lot of pain(my lower abdomen).  Sometimes my stomach is in so much pain, I have to lie iin my bed in the fetal position.
I can't express my anger as I am so dependant on my family(mom especially) and I cannot just go crazy with my anger or outbursts, as I need her around.  I am all alone, and i'm on disability my mental state is so very frail.
What I would like to know if there is any specific medication out there(Canada) that could help relieve the pain of these extreme mood swings?
Right now I'm on Seroquel, Divalprolex, Paxil and clonazapam, but I am constantly rapid cycling.
I have learnt a bit of DBT, but it seems like I can't get by these mood swings.
Please...could u reccomend a medication(s) that may have helped  with these sort of these extreme mood swings in the past? My life has no meaning anymore, and everything is revolved around the dread of my next painful mood swing.
I'm in an area now where there isn't crystal meth(or well that I know of  anyway) and the psychiatrists just keep trying new meds on me that have little or no effect on these rollercoaster mood swings.
Plz, any medication(s) that may have a history of helping with this disorder would/could help save my life.  IS THERE ANYTHING THAT COULD LESSEN THE BLOW OF THIS AFFLICTION?
Thank you,
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Hi,Im afraid I dont know,these meds work differently for everyone so there is no way of predictig what will work for you...You say youve learned a bit of DBT,it might be worth practising and learning more,it can really help to live with moodswings.
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I have ultra rapid cycling bipolar disorder. It is quite hard to treat because you have to treat the up and the down at the same time. SSRI's (paxil) have been implicated in increasing rapid cycling so you may want to talk to your doctor about eliminating that to see if it helps. I went off of Wellbutrin and it was a huge improvement. I don't know if it would be the same because this is induced by former crystal meth usage.

I was on Zeldox (it is called Geodone in the US, but Zeldox in Canada), trazodone and lamotrigine and it worked fairly well. I have some other health issues that complicate things so sometimes it is hard to tell what is say - low motivation- and what is - I just can't physically do it. I am in the middle of switching to Abilify as the Zeldox was quite sedating and I want to see if the Abilify will work better. Abilify is expensive though. About $300 for 10mg. If you get government coverage they will have to apply for a special exemption as it is not normally covered.

Sorry you are having such a hard time. I think brain damage is even harder to treat than bipolar.

I would also try to access mental health service programs. You mentioned DBT which is good. Some hospitals have day programs you can be referred into which will help you learn coping skills. I went to one for 6 weeks and it was the best thing I ever did. I also go see a therapist (master of social work) about once every 3 weeks. It is nice to have someone to talk to about life. It may be nice to have someone other than your mom to lean on. I needed a psychiatrist referral to access these programs and didn't have to pay out of pocket for any of them. (which is good because there is no way I can afford $120 an hour for a therapist)

And really try to get out of the house at least once a day. Even if it is just a walk around the block. Staying inside, looking at the same four walls, contributes to crazy making.

I hope you can get some relief.
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