No sex drive
by cheeklollipop, Feb 19, 2008
I take 800mg of lithium and 60mg of citalpram a day and i have no sex drive i havent had the desire to have sex for months
does anyone else have this problem
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by kris123, Feb 19, 2008
I have the same problem but i am on 300mcg of limtical (sp) and getting put on lithium - how is that drug do you do well does it mess with your system cause sleeping issue sorry so many questions - i can't seem to bring my self to even think about sex and i really don't care to have it right now sad i know
by Venora Moonwind, Feb 19, 2008
see if yall can off the lithium. there are so many better meds than it. Plus it damages your thryoid. I take ciltalpram(celexa) and zyprexa and this combo has been great for my sex life.I am nice and stable and sex is better than ever. talk to your docs and get something else.
Love Venora
by cheeklollipop, Feb 20, 2008
lithium is ok its stop the mania i havent experienced mania for over a year now, my depression isnt as bad. (My depression has always been worse than my mania)but i still get depressed more often now but not as bad than i did before  im usually off work about 3 times a year maybe for 2weeks or a month at a time, I also experience anxiety which i didnt before i really dont know if lithium is the best for me?
I also have an underactive thryoid since taking lithuim and the pounds keep piling on
by kris123, Feb 20, 2008
i already have a thryoid. problem and have for 10 years i have hypo and that is the one that makes you gain weight - i don't want to have to deal with this as well as my manic stages
by crzychick, Feb 21, 2008
Lithium messes up the thyroid, when it's messed up it causes weight gain.

Anti depressants kill sex drive.  A lot of mood stabilizers have an anti depressant type of chemical in them.

So for 2 reasons I would get off the Lithium.  Thyroid and sex drive problems.

Most important is to have blood tests run to see how much your thyroid is messed up and go from there.  You will prob. need meds to straighten that out.
by kris123, Feb 21, 2008
i take med for thyorid already so what do you think?
by crzychick, Feb 24, 2008
TO Kris

Be sure to tell your Pdoc about your existing thyroid problem.  It should show up in the blood work anyhow.  But knowing about it before hand s/he might consider another med for you or you can refuse the Lithium if you are not comfortable taking it and tell them you want to try something else.  Remember it's your body.
by Luna544, Feb 24, 2008
My boyfriend just came out of a depression...he is on meds and using other drugs which I just found out....he has no interest in being intimate with it the combination of drugs?
by DLA, Feb 25, 2008
Most likely.