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bipolar woman problems and hormones
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bipolar woman problems and hormones

I've been feeling really odd lately like im getting effusive or angry or agressive sometimes even a bit pretintious over small things that wouldn't noramally make me mad or upset. I guess like an example my mother just asked me to go get my notebook so we could lookup which campus to buy my books at and for some reason (I don't know why) it pissed me off. so far I've snapped at my mom I've even yelled at her a few times and my dad seems to notice the change in my personality.that I'm a bit aggitated he asks if I've gotten enough sleep or tells me I'm being imature......the other weekend I even snaped at my boyfriend (who is always really fair with me) and I made him cry. then when he got upset I felt incredibly guilty and started crying too. I even almost got mad at my two best friends I guess I felt like they were ignoring me at the dinner table when they really weren't I was just having anxiety. I'm not sure whats causing this I'm normally much more easy going and even when I am mad I'm not typically the type who just snaps at people or gets hotheaded. occasionally my blood sugars mess with my moods (yes I'm dibetic) but eeven they have been pretty staedy lately. I notice this thing keeps happening (I know this is a bit personal but I need some advice on this)
I notice it will get extremely bad when I  feel like I'm about to start my menstral cycle I don't normally get alot of symptoms for my "womanly thing" or whatever but I'll get food cravings be cramped bloated and depressed and aggitited all at the same time....Then it'll look like its gonna start and whatknot but I'll get light spotting it will go away and then a few days later it will come back again in a few days so far its happened three or four times and it basicly just sets my mood off the deep end but I still haven't even fully started my cycle yet but i just feel incredibly hormona.l Does anyone else have this problem or any advice on what to do??? I feel like there is something wrong but I'm not sure what actioln I should take and this has been botheringb me for going on two weeks now
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HI there,

I experience the same things as you describe.  My period and the days leading up to it, can be a big trigger for me for some reason as well.  In the past two years I've been hospitalized three times, and each time I was admitted was on the first day of my period.  after the third time it was kind of clear it wasn't a coincidence.  

Just being cognizant of the fact that pms really effects me, so that I can remind myself that I'm probably feeling a certain way because of symptoms, not because I really need to be extra irritated helps.  I really recommend you check out this site if you haven't already.  Julie Fast has some great all around info, and strategies to help monitor and relieve symptoms.  When I was sick my family bought a couple of her books and the info is very straightforward and helpful...she is bipolar as well...

For relieving actions some great ones to try are (and these might seem obvious, but they really do help)  stretching or yoga, hot mineral bath, lavender or chamomile tea and other things that you find relaxing throughout the day, charting your moods and menstral cycle for 2 or 3 months and see if you notice a pattern that you can then start to watch for.  The more you make yourself aware of what to watch for, the easier it is to recognize certain things you say or do, and ask is if that is how you really feel, or if you are reacting emotionally, or irrationally.

  Also pick someone, a friend or your boyfriend who you can just vent to.  Tell them the combo of bipolar and pms is really hard lately, and you just might need someone to let all your frustrations out on...sometimes this is hard as I find I might not realize that it was even that time of the month until after I've already been snappy, but if you can, then apologize and try and be better prepared the next month.  Then they'll have some advance warning not to take your comments too will also prevent them from over-reacting to your over-reaction, which can cause a pretty quick downward spiral that is easily preventable.

If that doesn't seem to help, try talking with your doctor or pharmacist and see if there could be some vitamin, mineral or other supplement that you might be lacking that might help balance out the hormones.  It might even help to talk to a nutritionist--or research online for foods that are supposed to be more calming to the body, as opposed to spicy foods which might increase irritable symptoms.

Hope some of this helps!
I'm glad to know I'm not the only person who goes through this '(alothought
my symptoms aren't normally near this bad)....I was doing some thinking my endrochonologist did say that I have in imbalence of male hormone in addition to the bipolar and that I needed to be on the birth control pill to help balence it out. I should proably have a talk with him about it and see what he haas to say.... I'm thinking this is more my cycle and a horomanoal problem than it is bipolar because my moods are diffrent than typical bp moodswings. So hopefully this should all be over in a few days. thanks for the support, alex
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