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work problems
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work problems

I was diagnosed about 4 years ago and have generally been ok enough to work full-time. However, my job right now is making the illness a lot harder to manage. Now I see why bipolar people have a hard time working in normal jobs. I need my insurance and really can't quit without another job. Is there any help out there? I asked my counselor about disability or other options and she said disability is really hard to get. I don't even think that I need it fully but I can't keep doing what I'm doing. Does anyone have any advice? I am looking for another job & have been for a while now. I wish I could get by doing something about 30 hours a week instead of 40. I think that would help. It pretty much looks like my husband and I would have to move for me to get something better. I don't want to move and just can't see organizing all that & getting a new doctor, etc.
My work does know about my illness but there isn't a lot that helps me there. The job is getting a lot more stressful and I don't know what to do. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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HI there Yes work can be very stressful for us bi polar folks.I am still in my same job but I moved to another section and it has been very stressful having to work with5 other people in a relative close area and only 2 computers for the 6 of us to use.
This is the longest I hae ever held a job and I need to hold on for 11 more years so I can get my retirement.I try to insulate myself as much as possible. I tell myself its only for 5 days this week Sometimes I even tell myself its only for 2 more hoursor what ever I need to tell myself to get through the day. I try to break it down so I can handel the stress of working directly with 5 other people.
Yesterday was very difficult as one of my co workers takes everything very personally and I do mean everything.It didnt matter what the rest of us did         she was determined to be upset no matter what .So I had to just finally say Hey have a great weekend  left here alone the rest of the day.
Keep going to your counseler its great just to have someone to talk to.
this here is a great resource. It is like free therapy. I have been writin alot in the journal jsut to get alot of things out of my head onto paper.
you dont have to tell anyone about yor bi polar if you choose not to. there is alot of misunderstanding about mental health issiues and with the bad press that bi polars get everyone assumes the worst.
  In the mean  time  take  deep breaths   and leave your work at work Do what ever it takes to relax  you and your mind.I light candles and incense  and take long baths . I imagine all of the stress going down the drain.
You have to put yourself first so you r able to take care of the others in your life.
I hope this helps some.
Love    Venora
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I really feel for you lovey, I too have bp and have not told anyone at work that I have the condition, I discussed this with my psychiatrist and she agreed with me that there is not need to let them know. I am lucky enough to only work 3 days a week and this is what I can handle.. I will never be able to work full time, at times I have taken on overtime and  found myself struggling to cope and nearly losing it...
You need to listen to your body and mind and I know money is what helps us to survive but your mental health is far more important than anything else...

I agree with Venora, take one day at a time and give yourself steps, like she said, remind yourself that you only have so many hrs left or days left, do what you can only do and put your work hat on when you are there and take it off again when you are finished.  keep looking for other jobs and believe in yourself, when you go for interviews, put forward your working conditions, for example, the hrs you are able to commit to (balance work/leisure and family) let them know that you are worth being employed...

Hang in there love! something will come your way eventually,
I know that waiting is one of the hardest things for us bp sufferers...

Take care
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I know it's kind of late post .

But I have done some research. The purpose of ADA is to get the disabled into the working world because it helps our quality of life. People with disablities do have a rough time working in a full time job. SSI has a program where you can work part-time while receiving SSI.

Visit a SSI Office.
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