Emergency Contraception in UAE
by Julz84, May 29, 2011
The condom broke during intercourse with my boyfriend yesterday. I am not currently taking the contraceptive pill. The major issue is that i live in the UAE and the morning after pill is not available here.

I read on another website that taking an increased dose (4 now and 4 in 12hrs) of certain contraceptive pills has the same effect. The problem is i cant even get the contraceptive pill without a prescription and i cant get a prescription if I'm not married! I am stressed out of my brain! I do have some yasmin tablets in my bathroom drawer. Please tell me if these are suitable to use for this method.

It has already been 24hrs, so I need advice asap. Hopefully someone can help.

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by AnnieBrooke, May 30, 2011
I'm so sorry you are in this position.  I don't think anyone on this site knows the answer, or possibly they would not feel comfortable telling you what to do (since what if their answer was wrong and you were put into a very harmed position?)  Please see if you can find a sympathetic doctor to help you, possibly a female ob/gyn?  Good luck, I hope the best for you.  
by Julz84, May 30, 2011
Thanks for your concern. :-)  I ended up getting the contraceptive pill over the counter from a small pharmacy.It's still not one of the ones suggested, but looks to have the same ingredients. Fingers crossed that it works.
by pvalbuena, Dec 03, 2011
Did it work? I have the same problem now. Please any help will be appreciated
by hazelm, Dec 16, 2011
AnnieBrooke did you find those pills in the UAE ? If yes where ? Please we'de like your help..
by Dxb17, Oct 06, 2012
I am 17 years old living in Dubai. Do you know where I can get the pill here?

by Claire_V, Oct 13, 2012
you have to learn how to be responsible for your actions! and not seek a quick fix solution. So many of your abort your pregnancies where there are thousands of women who are dying to concieve! Morning after pill increases your chances of infertility!!! now think about that!