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Multiple forms of birth control - What are the chances?????
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Multiple forms of birth control - What are the chances?????

I had sex with a woman twice a couple nights ago and and we used 2 condoms (separate occasions).
The next morning I looked at the condoms and one of them had a hole / tear near the tip area (little bit on the side, not directly on the tip) and a hole / tear at the base. I saw there was some possible pre-*** in the condom still.

-i didn't ***
-she assured me i wore a condom the whole time
-she is on birth control, using the IUD
-she also took a morning after pill about 24 hrs after (they were actually 2 pills, one in the morning and one 12 hrs later)
-she said it feels like she's going to have her period any day / very soon (i dont know what that means)

I'm worrying about that hole in the condom.

What are the chances she is pregnant?? I'm freaking out and can't stop thinking about it.

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If your partner was my patient, I would reassure you that the IUD has approximately 99% effectiveness by itself.  The morning after pill is icing on the cake, and certainly not a bad idea.  I would say that the chance of pregnancy is vanishingly small.  One important thing to note--the morning after pill almost always causes irregular bleeding.  I would advise your partner to check pregnancy test if her period is late, but wouldn't be the least bit surprised if it is.  
Hope this helps!
Dr B
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