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Nuva Ring Effectiveness
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Nuva Ring Effectiveness

Hi there, I had a question. I can't seem to find a straight answer.

So I went on the Nuva ring February 12th. I kept the ring in until March 3rd because it fell out, I didn't bother to put it back in.  Two days shy of 21 days, I should have taken it out March 5th.  I didn't think I was going to continue usage of it, but today March 12th, I have inserted it again. I just finished my period and put it in today. It has been longer than seven days ring free.

My biggest issue is, when does the Nuva ring start to work? When is it effective or become effective?
Because within the first time of using the Nuva ring, I used Plan B out of panic and then abstained.
I am very new to birth control, I have no idea how it works.
So, I missed two days of keeping it in and should have put it in March 10th. But I decided to follow the pattern I did in February....I am just very confused. When can I KNOW that I am protected and not be worried if I need to use Plan B or another form of birth control? The whole reason I decided to go on Nuva ring was because of its 99% efficiency and because I do not wish to use condoms. I am allergic to most and I have no desire to have intercourse with them. I want to use one form and be secure in knowing it will work.

Can anyone answer me, when does it become effective? Does the fact I used it last month count and was it effective then? Do I need to worry?

Please any information will help, I am very confused!

Thank you!

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Ive been on the Nuva ring for almost 3 months now.

When you first start the Nuva Ring, you can either start it on your first day of your menstrual cycle, or your 5th day on your menstrual cycle. If you start it on the first day of your menstrual cycle, you will be safe immediately, provided you dont have sex during your cycle. If you start the Ring on the 5th day of your cycle, then you have to wait 1 week until you are completely covered.

Once you start your birth control, you keep the ring inside of your vagina for 3 weeks straight. You may take it out to clean it, or have sex (after the first week is over) but DONT leave it out for more then 3 hours (it will lessen the protection). The best bet (which I do) is just leave it in. Often times a guy will like the feeling of it inside of you (and you might aswell).

After you have counted 3 weeks exactly, remove the ring, and leave it out for a full 7 days. During that 7 days, you are completely covered for pregnancy, however, this is the week that you should get your period (it usually will start within 1-2 days after removing the ring).

Because you left your ring out for more then 3 hours ( a couple of days ) you wont be protected for this month. You need to start a new ring on your next period. If you need to start it immediately, you can insert it but you will not have your period on the scheduled day, therefore you will need to mark down when your 3 weeks is up and the 1 free week for your period.

If you have any more questions, feel free to message me again. :)
an fyi 2 all nuvaring users; its not as effective as initial research showed... the package insert and nuvaring website say it is 99% effective... it has recently been shown to be closer to 95%so be careful! several women have been getting pregnant while using nuvaring as directed... i myself am concerned i may be and iv been using it properly for several months!
also it is supposed to be fully effective after 7 days of continuous use in which it has not been out for more than 3 hours. if it is out for more than 7 days after the 3 weeks in, u need to abstain or use alternative protection such as spermicides(which do not counteract nuvaring in any way) until it has once again been in for 7 days continuously.
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