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Nuva Ring gone??
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Nuva Ring gone??

I've been using the Nuva Ring since February & have had hardly any issues with it. However, when I used the bathroom the other day I noticed that my Nuva Ring was gone! Let me just say I am the type of person who checks & then re-checks things to make sure everything is secure. Anyways...

My period just ended Tuesday & before I removed my tampon I checked to make sure the ring was still in was. I checked afterwards too & it was still in place. When I woke up Wednesday morning & used the bathroom I felt for it & it was still there. I took a shower later that day but I didn't bother to check if it had moved or anything as I was rushing to take my son outside. I felt some cramping & soreness down there but I had worked out earlier in the day so I figured the cramps were probably from my work out & the soreness might have come from removing the tampon. I didn't check the rest of the day figuring I would be fine since I had felt it that morning.

Thursday afternoon as I was in the process of washing up, I decided to check to see if it was still in place. To my shock it was gone & I don't know how long it had been gone. I figured it must have slipped out when I removed my tampon but I remembered feeling it afterwards. I tried to see if maybe it had been pushed up a lil further or if I hadn't felt far enuff & nothing was there. Since then I've been having mild cramps, a migraine, nausea, and hot flashes. Could it have slipped out while I was showering & I didn't notice it & what could have brought these symptoms on?
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If its not in, obviously it came out somehow and somewhere. Sometimes, they can slip out when you have  a BM.  Not the shower, or you'd have seen it right on the shower floor.

See your gyn if you aren't 100% sure whether its in or out.  Don't have  unprotected sex until you resolve the issue.  

If you miss your next  period, take a pregnancy test.
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