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Ortho Tri-cyclen, Azithromycin, and EC
On Azithromycin for sinus infection drainage, had unprotected sex then realised i was 11 hrs. late taking my 2nd to last "active" pill. I took that pill and took my last "active" pill on time. Took Plan B the next day just in case.

5 days later during my placebo week had unprotected sex again and took Plan B the next day (both pills at once as instructed by a nurse at PP) but i didn't tell her about the first Plan B because it was crowded & other people were listening. She told me to skip the rest of my placebo week and go straight to my "active pills" the next day ( today)

well i got my period today also could i be pregnant? I took the Plan B because I thought my BC would work but then i panicked-- i know it was dumb.

help only please.
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