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Reliability problems with Birth Control patch when not wearing underwear?

Has anyone else ever had problems with their birth control patches like ortho if the patches are worn on the buttocks, when not wearing panties?

Seriously, I had a critical birth control failure about 8-9 years ago when using the patch and I ended up pregnant by my exboyfriend. He didnt like me to wear panties or socks when we first started dating years earlier when I was a teenager, so I catered to his wishes and pretty much stopped wearing socks or underwear altogether. It wasn't a big deal really since I didn't hardly wear socks to begin with, and I didn't feel that strongly about my underwear, so if it was a big turn on for him, I was into it. Maybe I was insecure or whatever because I was a teenager and almost ten years younger than him, but I was fine with it and got to where I liked the extra attention. It kinda got to be a routine habit I was perfectly okay with me wearing shoes without socks or high heels without pantyhose, even when Id get blisters on my bare feet and have to wear bandaids; but then also never wearing underwear under dresses, skirts, pants, jeans, pretty much anything, and I got to where I liked not wearing them.

Problem was not only did he not like using condoms, and in fact never used condoms, but I was not always the most diligent about remembering to take my birth control pills on time. We had actually first started having unprotected sex before I was actually on birth control, although I lied and told him I was.

Luckily nothing happened then, but eventually I tried birth control pills, yaz I think, but I was always forgetting them when I spent the night at his apartment, or leaving them in my college dorm room when I went out of town, or leaving them at home when I went back to college.

Eventually, after a few pregnancy scares, the solution seemed to be the ortho patch. I think it was around 2002 or 2003, but I started wearing that patch and just stopped worrying about it. As a college freshman, I was more concerned about my on again off again relationship with this grad student guy who was like ten years older than me and creeping up on thirty.

As far as I remember I tried to follow instructions on how to use the patch. I pretty much remembered to chage the patch once a week, although sometimes Id leave an old one on for a few extra days if I was traveling and didnt have a spare patch with me. Also, I know I wasnt supposed to smoke while using birth control, but I was already totally addicted to cigarettes and had been since middle school, so it wasn't like I could stop smoking. Even then, I didnt think smoking counteracted the patch.

Other than never wearing underwear under my clothes and the occasional patch being rubbed off my butt, usually by my jeans or short jean skirts, the only other thing I could think of that could have interfered with the patch might have been antibiotics, but Im not sure. I had been on doxycyciline for acne back in high school, and I frequently found myself getting nasal sinus infections, possibly made worse by my constant chainsmoking, so I was always having to take zpacks of zithromax to try to keep those at bay.

Either way, I guess I was on the patch for a year or so, again, although I would occasionally lose a patch for a day or two when wearing tight jeans without panties and my jeans would rub it off and I might not notice right away for a few days if I was going out partying for the weekend. Thing is, Id kinda think that even if I was wearing granny panties, it'd seem like the panties themselves could still rub the birth control patch off if other clothing could.

Maybe I was accidentally removing the patches while rubbing or touching myself in my sleep, although I don't know that I was actually doing that, but I usually slept in the nude, which really freaked my roommate out sometimes, so I guess it the patches could have been rubbed off then. Either way, sometimes the patches would be rubbed off by accident, maybe once every other month or so. But it wasnt overly common and I almost always found out about it within a day or so, and put another one one.

One way or another, the patch failed me and I ended up pregnant at 19. I had had an on again, off again relationship with my ex-boyfriend who had was finishing up his grad degree at an out of state college, and I had been on a few dates with some other guys without telling him; but he and I had been trying to work it out for a few months when I got pregnant. I literally didnt notice I was pregnant for three months as I wasnt that sick, and when I was sick and threw up, I figured it was just from all my excessive binge drinking.

Then one day when my roommate was commenting about how she was worried she might be late and miss her peroid, it dawned on me that I had only had light spotting at my last peroid and that I was actually really late for the previous months peroid. When I looked at a calender I was horrified. When I took several pregnancy tests alone in my dorm room, I found out that I was in fact pregnant.

When I talked to my exboyfriend about it, he was distant at first, but then was very supportive of whatever decision I wanted to make. He said he fully respected my right to chose whether I wanted an abortion or not, but he said that he would fully support me and the child, and that he would promise me that he would always be involved father and a loyal husband. I was only 19 and didn't like the sound of that proposal. He didnt have a ring, and he didnt even formally ask me to marry him. He apologized for getting ahead of himself, and said that he would buy me a ring and propose to me if thats what I wanted, but that he was just trying to not pressure me.

At the time, I was furious with his seemingly asside treatment of a marriage proposal as an afterthought, so I told him that if thats all our relationship was to him, then I didnt want to have his baby and would be getting an abortion. Then he said he supported my right to choose and that he would still be there for me if I wanted him involved and that he would take me to the clinic and hold my hand the whole way, regardless of my decision. Again, being a young and scared 19 year old, I took it the wrong way and thought he was pandering to me so I told him to go screw off and that I would go to the abortion clinic myself.

That abortion was one of the hardest things I have ever done, and although I thought I was putting on the brave face at the time and embracing my rights as a woman, rights I do very much respect, none of it made it any easier. In the years since then, Ive had many second thoughts about whether or not I should have taken him up on his offer to start a family with him. But I didnt, and I threw it all away instead.

My lingering depression after the abortion made alot of things alot tougher, and I can't help but wonder if maybe something had gone wrong with my ortho patch birth control I had been using. I looked for explainations, and I guess the one or two days it might have been off was enough of a window to let me get pregnant, but I don't know for sure.

I was just wondering if anyone else had problems with the birth control patch like this?
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Really? No one has ever had a problem with the birth control patch before?
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