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Should my wife take an emergency contraceptive pill?
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Should my wife take an emergency contraceptive pill?

The condom broke whilst having sex with my wife. I unwittingly plunged in twice but did not orgasm.

Given her menstrual cycle she expects her next period to be on the 13th or 14th - which is 4 or 5 days from now.

Her previous period began on the 17th of January. Today is the 22nd day after the last period.

On this basis I'm guessing that, based on information online, the likelihood of her being fertile is very small since it is likely to be at least 8 days since ovulation. Also since I did not orgasm it may be that the risk is minimal that she can get pregnant.

Is my reasoning sound? Should I get her to take an ECP anyway? Would an ECP even be effective post ovulation?

Thanks for your help in advance.
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Having intercourse before periods usually does not result in pregnancy .There are still little chances that she could get pregnant if there was any preejaculate which came in contact with her vagina.Taking an emergency contraceptive within 24-48 hours of unprotected intercourse can  prevent pregnancy .Ecpills work by blocking fertilized eggs from implanting in a woman’s uterus.  After taking these pills there may a delay in next periods. Wait and watch for your periods .If her periods do not start within 10 days of expected period date visit your doctor/gynecologist for further evaluation .Do keep me posted.
Best luck and take care!
Thank you very much for your reply.

Since this original post we have visited a doctor and my wife has taken the ECP levonorgestrel. She took the first pill ~32hrs after the event and a second pill about 12hrs later as per doctor's instruction.

We were unable to visit a doctor prior to this late hour due to the holiday season (Chinese New Year) over here resulting in clinics being closed. Unfortunately ECPs are not available as an over the counter drug at pharmacies.

Some additional information: Prior to taking the pill my wife was experiencing the "on and off" feelings of an impending period. Now that she has taken the pill, and given these period feelings, will the period date (expected 13th) still be delayed?

Another question: The doctor we visited told my wife that in the event that the ECP did not work there is a chance of fetal malformation - however she recommended that the pill still be taken. For this reason my wife was distraught at having to take the pill as she feared that if the pill did not work and she did indeed become pregnant there is a chance that the baby could become malformed.

Since hearing this information (I was not at the consult) I have done my best to research the topic and find no evidence and thus credence to the information that failure of levonorgestrel may result in fetal malformation. I have therefore tried reassuring my wife that the doctor was perhaps wrong. Can you please comment on this?
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